Advancing healthcare with high-performance computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

May 17, 2021 | 2 minute read
Gloria Lee
Outbound Product Manager for Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D)
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High-performance computing (HPC) is vital for healthcare research because it reduces time to results, which leads to better care. Because on-premises environments are expensive and hard to procure, HPC in the cloud provides the scalability and availability necessary for these workloads.

One type of workload in particular helped by HPC is artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), which is very data intensive. The infrastructure needed to support the ingesting and processing of AI/ML data can be achieved only by HPC.

Our customers from Oracle for Startups are benefiting from HPC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for their AI/ML workloads. The work they’re doing is instrumental to the healthcare industry, from their critical scientific research to their lifesaving products.

Astra from Aindra Systems

HealthTech startup Aindra Systems created an AI-based computational pathology platform, Astra, to detect critical illnesses such as cervical cancer at low costs. This platform was developed as a point-of-care detection system that lets individuals get quick, affordable, and comprehensive healthcare.

After moving their platform to OCI, Aindra saw 2x improvement in their network model training time, leading to quicker diagnoses and care for patients. Their work has been lifesaving to thousands, and they hope to expand their reach in the next 18–24 months.

“Oracle provides us the robust, high-performant digital infrastructure that we need to run Astra, in addition to low costs that we can extend to our patients.” —Adarsh Natarajan, founder and CEO

Radwiz from BioCliq

Another Oracle customer transforming healthcare is BioCliq. They created a medical image analytics platform, Radwiz, that enables collaboration among clinicians, patients, pharmacists, and OEMs. This platform provides image administrators with smart imaging workflows, including smart reporting built using advanced AI, which helps them support their patients better and faster. The following diagram showcases the workflow of Radwiz.

A diagram that shows the Radwiz workflow of data, from triage through the Radwiz cloud to radiologists and physicians.

Figure: Radwiz transformed workflow is 3x faster

By connecting all the entities within healthcare with AI, predictive analytics, and image processing, BlioCliq can provide better healthcare delivery.

“Without HPC on OCI, we wouldn’t be able to get the performance we need to support Radwiz. Oracle provides us with the best price performance in the cloud, and we’re ecstatic that we can partner with them to transform the healthcare industry.” —Renga Bashyam, cofounder

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We encourage you to check out more amazing work that our healthcare customers are doing. And if you'd like to try our cloud for yourself, start your 30-day free trial and get access to a wide range of Oracle Cloud services.

And to learn more about running HPC workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, see the following resources:

Gloria Lee

Outbound Product Manager for Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D)

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