Oracle Access Governance introduces next-gen access dashboard and more integrations

June 10, 2024 | 4 minute read
Pavana Jain
Vice President, Product Management
Abhishek Juneja
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Identity & Access Management
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At Oracle, we’re committed to helping organizations with continuous improvement and innovation, and this update reflects our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers by introducing the following features:

  • Next-gen access dashboard with details on who has access to what
  • Support for expanded identity orchestration with Oracle PeopleSoft HRMS
  • Configure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Email Delivery service for customized notifications

Next-gen access dashboard

The access details feature in Oracle Access Governance has undergone a significant update, with the introduction of next gen access dashboard. This powerful feature is designed to help organizations maintain administrative control over identity and access, while protecting the sensitive data and systems. The dashboard offers real-time visibility into access profiles across the enterprise with capabilities to zoom in and out. The analytics-driven, actionable intelligence dashboard enables business owners and managers to detect and prevent unauthorized or suspicious activities, while helping auditors demonstrate adherence to policies, security standards, and compliance. Key highlights of the dashboard include the following examples:

  • Comprehensive and analytics-driven dashboards: Designed for business owners to manage access effectively.
  • Empowers business owners, managers, and users: Facilitates effective access management across the organizations.
  • Multiple anchoring points: Includes identities, identity collections, organizations, roles, policies, permissions, applications, and resources, as illustrated in figures 1, 2, and 3.
Enterprise-wide browser with a menu expanded.
Figure 1: Enterprise-wide access dashboard


Example group permissions dashboard
Figure 2: Group permissions dashboard
Policy statement details and dashboard
Figure 3:  Policy statement dashboard with details
  • In-context insights: Provides views with detailed insights, such as figure 4.
User-created access reviews report.
Figure 4: Insightful views
  • On-the-go access reviews for reporting immediate reviews of anomalous or unauthorized access.
  • Extensive downloadable access reports support auditors in meeting regulatory requirements and enhancing security. 
  • Managers access dashboard offers a proxy view to drill down into individual team member’s accesses.
  • Workforce access dashboard with group access by permissions, applications, roles, cloud resources, identity collections and policies.


New Access Governance integrations expand enterprise connectivity

Oracle Access Governance simplifies identity orchestration by offering a wide range of specialized and generic out-of-the-box integrations. With this update, Oracle Access Governance introduces a new integration with Oracle PeopleSoft, a leading Oracle enterprise application. You can integrate the Oracle PeopleSoft system in the following ways:

  • As an authoritative source: For onboarding and updating identity data through identity reconciliation.
  • As a managed system: For governing access through account provisioning, account reconciliation, and access reviews.
  • Both: Serving as both the authoritative source and the managed system.

For more information, refer to the integration documentation.

Orchestration flow for identity with Oracle Access Governance.
Figure 5: Identity orchestration flow with Oracle Access Governance


Configure OCI Email Delivery for customized notifications

By default, Oracle Access Governance utilizes its internal email delivery service for notifications. It also now supports integration with your organization’s preferred OCI Email Delivery service. If your organization already uses a centralized OCI email service for notifications, you can easily configure Access Governance to use this service instead of the default option. For more information, see Configure Notification Settings.



This service update of Oracle Access Governance demonstrates our ongoing commitment to enhancing security, efficiency, and usability for our customers. The next-gen access dashboard, expanded integrations with Oracle PeopleSoft HRMS, and customizable OCI Email Delivery service are designed to provide organizations with robust tools for comprehensive identity and access management (IAM). These advancements not only improve administrative control and address regulatory compliance, but also help ensure that businesses can effectively protect their sensitive data and systems.

For more information, see the following resources:

Pavana Jain

Vice President, Product Management

Abhishek Juneja

Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Identity & Access Management

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