Access OCI compliance reports on-demand in the Oracle Cloud Console

March 29, 2023 | 3 minute read
Yana Rogach
Senior Program Manager
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers customers access to various compliance attestations that can assist in their compliance and reporting. These attestations provide an independent assessment of the security, privacy, and compliance controls of the applicable OCI services.

Oracle enables customers to view and download these OCI compliance documents through the Compliance Documents service. You can access this quick self-service option from the Oracle Cloud Console, all at no extra charge. Read on to see how you can use the Console to quickly access these documents.

Accessing compliance documents from the Oracle Cloud Console

The Console provides a browser-based interface that serves as a navigation tool to reach different infrastructure and platform services and data regions. Within the Console, the Compliance Documents service allows authorized users to download the latest OCI compliance reports and advisories.

To access the Compliance Document service, use the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Oracle Cloud Console.

  2. Click the menu icon to expand the menu.

  3. Select the Identity & Security category and navigate to the Compliance option.

A screenshot of the expanded menu in the Oracle Cloud Console with Identity & Security selected and the link for Compliance circled in red.

For added efficiency, you can pin the Compliance selection by using the menu for quick access in the future. Learn more about pinning your selections.

After selecting Compliance from the menu, you’re taken to the Compliance Documents service, which shows the complete list of compliance documents available for download.

A screenshot of the Compliance Documents for OCI screen in the Console.

To quickly find what you need, you can arrange the list by name, type, and created date by clicking the column headers. You can also filter by service and type.

A screenshot of the Compliance Documents page with the option for filters circled in red, the menu for the document expanded, and the option to download highlighted.

To download a document, click the three dots next to the document and click Download. You can also select Support, which opens a window to access various support resources.

A screenshot of the Compliance Documents page with the options for Download and Support circled in red.

After selecting Download, you can review and accept the terms and conditions. To agree, select the checkbox at the bottom of the screen and then select Download File. You can now open the file on your device.

To view a PDF document, you need a PDF reader software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, instead of viewing the file in the browser. If you’re using Adobe Acrobat Reader, ensure that it’s upgraded to the latest version available for the best user experience. 

Supporting our customers

Oracle is committed to helping customers operate globally in a fast-changing business environment and address the challenges of an ever more complex regulatory landscape.

You can find more information available on the Oracle Cloud Compliance page, including regulatory contract checklists and compliance advisories that align Oracle practices and controls with key regional regulations.

If you have any compliance questions or want to learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offerings, contact one of our representatives.

Yana Rogach

Senior Program Manager

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