A Framework for Your Cloud Evolution

September 16, 2020 | 10 minute read
Stephanie Trunzo
Senior Vice President and GM, Oracle Health
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“We did it! We completed our cloud journey!”
…said no one ever.

The true value of cloud is that it isn’t a destination; it’s a way of doing business. We know that as you evolve your business to use a cloud model, you have so many factors to consider. It can be hard to ensure that you’re thinking intentionally about them in a structured way.

Put Your Cloud to Work for You

The Oracle Cloud Evolution Framework is a unique methodology designed to facilitate your thought process, synthesizing learning from hundreds of discussions with Oracle Cloud customers across all industries, at every size and stage of transformation. Whether you’re a start-up making your first decisions about your technology strategy or a massive global corporation looking to get to a technical debt-free state of innovation, this framework is built to propel your thinking.

The framework is not designed to be linear, but the placement of the categories and tiles isn’t haphazard either. We can identify common cloud evolution patterns, but we also fully recognize that every business is unique. Some tiles can present an area that’s mature and highly functioning for you, some tiles might not be relevant at all, and some are the ones you need to deeply focus organizational energy on.

You live in a multi-cloud, hybrid, deployment spectrum-rich world. You have users, customers, supply chains, skills, data, and most importantly, you have business outcomes. We know, and we believe that we can stand up to the features, functions, and cost tests. The Cloud Evolution Framework comprehensively helps you determine how to put the technology to work for you in the context of your unique business.

“Hybrid environments are becoming more complex, consequently testing an organization’s cloud strategy. Eager to ensure and provide continuous cost-efficiencies and optimizations at all times, it’s important that sourcing, procurement, and vendor management (SPVM) and IT leaders consider [Oracle Cloud Infrastructure] as a serious contender for their Oracle workloads.” –Gartner, July 2020

You Had Us at "Hello"

Having walked hundreds of customers through transformational conversations, I ask you to share any component of your infinite cloud journey that we might be missing, so we can continue to augment the framework.

Your journey with us, no matter where you are on it, starts with a Hello session. During an approximately 2-hour Zoom-based virtual session, you speak directly with senior leaders of the Oracle team and our industry Cloud experts. Shortly after, we shoot back a Cloud Readiness Assessment, offering a path forward.

We know that different workloads have different migration paths, requirements and best practices. Whether you’re looking to migrate Oracle and non-Oracle databases and applications, integrate across disparate systems, innovate with digital, drive insights with analytics, or transform your entire data center into an autonomous enterprise, our Cloud experts have you covered. To learn more, watch our introduction video about our zero-cost offer: Hello, and Welcome to Your Cloud Evolution.

A screenshot of a powerpoint slide, reading, "Hello, and Welcome to Your Cloud Evolution."

Now, let’s take a deeper look at each of the Cloud Evolution Framework categories and how they provide value.

A graphic depicting the Cloud Evolution Framework, including the sections Think, Prepare, Create, Learn, Iterate.


Our Think category is all about— well, thinking! Do you spend enough time strategically considering what is happening in the market and the industry, or even internally within your own organization? Are the roadmaps that you build setting up clear success criteria to drive to carefully considered outcomes?


Industry and Market Driven Analysis

Expand your view of an industry or a market through an insights session. Our industry Cloud Evolution experts and thought leaders curate a view of your industry, often borrowing from cross-industry inspiration. They apply the intelligence of thousands of initiatives across hundreds of companies to provide a landscape through the lens that makes sense for your business. Consume a curated report, participate in an intensive leadership workshop, and bring it to life with use cases, patterns, best practices, case studies, and eye-opening demos.

Trusted Guidance

Personalized Business Case to Build Consensus

Making a smart decision is rarely a one-person job. We help you build a business case strengthened by the support of data we’ve been able to gather across our many thought leaders and experts. With our advisory support, we can help you articulate and sell the value of a vision to your board, your stakeholders, and your team. Through intentional collaboration, we partner with you to develop a plan to work across organizations for common goals, rein in IT sprawl, and create harmony between IT and lines of business.


Blueprint and Roadmap Longer-Range Plans with Defined Success Criteria

Stop thinking in isolation, and look at the bigger picture. Beginning with the outcomes you want to achieve, we help you envision a future that unlocks your data, modernizes your multi-cloud story, and raises all parts of your system to their highest value, holistically from your technology to your humans. The blueprints and roadmaps that we help shape are grounded on the premise that you measure what you care about. All our strategic work includes identifying success criteria and building a balanced scorecard for your business.


Do you move workloads for fun? Probably not. Business objectives create a context for moving to the cloud. This category is called Prepare for a reason. How are you setting the right stage, ensuring that you have a sound set of foundational essentials and are ready for the change management required?


Migration and Modernization Broken into Intelligent, Pragmatic Pieces

De-risk your migrations by front-loading the planning. Ensure that 85–90% of the work happens before moving any workloads, and take advantage of remote and automated acceleration. Rationalize the decisions about the paths each workload should take, whether it’s to decommission, stay where it is, move to SaaS, migrate whole, refactor into micro-services, or extend with new capabilities. Understanding how to create a trajectory to efficient capacity hinges on careful inventorying and future growth modeling. We also help you think about separating your data, preparing for a more data-driven future.


Security, Archives, Audits, Resting, Compliance, and Availability Planning

It might feel like the less exciting part of the journey, but ensuring that you have all of your essentials covered is critical for setting the proper stage for your cloud evolution. We help you meet requirements that could hang up your business, from availability planning to disaster recovery to compliance and audit testing to archival solutions. Our industry-renowned security experts apply secure cloud commitments, so you can feel safe that your technology doesn’t make headlines for the wrong reasons.


Structure, Design, and Spark Change with Intention

The change that comes with a cloud evolution is more than a change to the technology. You’re not only moving workloads; you’re moving a culture and a way of working. We aim to help you prepare for the transformation required to get ready for a new future. While you can’t predict the specifics of the journey, you can prepare with organizational and process structures that are designed intentionally to handle change. We help you build in concepts of elasticity and flexibility across all elements of your business, from cloud scale to people.


Our favorite category: let’s make stuff! Explore the endless possibilities of how you can improve, innovate, or extend your business with cloud technology. Together, we test how to solve a challenge that you’re facing and then build the solution. This process happens either from scratch with custom development or using integrators and accelerators from thousands of other cross-industry customers use cases.


Test a Hypothesis. Build Confidence. Set a Direction with a Relevant Proof-Case.

Determine the hypothesis that you want to test before you embark on roadmaps, whether it’s a security protocol or a new data source that you want to unlock for greater insights. Take advantage of technology experts to discover new solutions and come to consensus in an environment where assumptions are allowed. Rapidly develop production-ready applications, or use our proprietary tools and industry leaders to assess the current state of a system.


Invent with Us… New Applications, Approaches, Engagement, Insights. Endless Possibilities.

You moved from boxes to the cloud. Don’t leave your innovation inside the box! Embrace a cloud-first mentality. Throw away the product catalogs, and let’s work together to create a one-of-a-kind solution that gives you the edge to leapfrog the industry. Use cloud native and platform services as building blocks to develop all new applications that weren’t possible before using emerging technology, including IoT, Digital Assistants, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Blockchain. Move your business beyond incremental change to transformative.


Accelerate Value by Integrating Across and Building on Top of Your Systems

Use existing products as a foundation and accelerator for a solution that perfectly fits your business need with extensions and integrations. Extend our industry-leading products by adding functionality, branding the UI, and taking them to new channels like mobile. Get all the benefits of a custom build without the upfront financial and time obligations. Improve the flow of your systems with intentional integrations.


We like to believe, in our linear human brains, that learn should come before doing. However, in reality, the most effective learning happens after you know enough to know what you still don’t know. So, Learn is placed in our framework after Create, even though these activities are not all sequential. The Learn category in cloud evolution spans learning skills, learning from insights and data, and learning about your cloud estate.


Build, Empower, and Enable your Team to Love Their Work

One of the most important factors in your cloud evolution decision-making is understanding your skills inventory strategy. A high-performance vehicle is a wasted investment for someone who can’t drive. Similarly, technology—even autonomous technology—is as valuable as the humans using that technology. Building an intentional skills strategy, and ensuring that your teams, from leadership through users, understand the power of their Oracle products accelerate the value to your business and ensure that you’re able to compete in the increasingly complex talent market. We can both help you understand what a modern cloud enterprise skill set should look like and deliver right-sized, hands-on training to assist you and your team to get the most out of your technology investments.


Put Data to Work for You and Make Decisions Backed with Insights

Accelerate the value of your analytics technology, and activate data quickly to gain the insights that you need to make empowered decisions. Learn while doing, accomplishing identified reporting goals while working with experts. Whether it’s with a rapid guided demo, configuration, and roadmap for Oracle’s analytics suite, or through enabling full scale production, our artificial intelligence and autonomous enabled analytics insights offerings are designed to unlock the power of analytics and set the stage for a future-proofed data strategy.


Watch the Traffic Patterns of Your Estate

Running with cloud services is a way to quickly enable the organization, but if not monitored or governed, it can be like running with scissors. Many customers have opened their capabilities with cloud providers to their organization, only to find out that teams create environments, never turn them off when not in use, and don’t have a standard way to identify what application, business unit, or function in the organization is using the workload.

Our approach to cloud governance is an integral part of your cloud center of excellence to help monitor and manage the financial dimension of your cloud usage. Identify if and when the right levels of investments are being made to meet your organizational needs. To maximize cost across global usage by application and environment, put automated controls into your cloud environment.

Our approach also helps your organization create a series of patterns to utilize in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that can be used as a set of standards, which can then be automated for creation in a true as-needed utility model.


Charting a path to cloud doesn’t have an end state. When others talk about journeys, we talk about evolution. You must continue realizing benefits from the investments you’re making in a cloud and data-driven approach. Our Iterate category is about all the ongoing evolution that happens on your new platform, with your modernized architecture, and that’s only possible after you unlock the power of new technologies.


Expect Better than Good Enough. Speed Up, Lower Overhead, Realize Efficiencies, and Create New Value.

In a traditional technology cycle, you get your platform to a state where you transition to maintenance. In the cloud world, why would you only maintain when you could continuously optimize? Speed up your systems. Incorporate new products and advanced code so you can gain efficiencies and new value like lower overhead, fewer calls, and optimized compute power.

Observation of workload performance and compliance adjusted in real-time uses the power and flexibility of the cloud alongside expertise. By applying autonomous updates, we can shift the experts to spend their time looking for greater efficiencies and newer advancements, rather than spending cycles simply to maintain a good enough state. Go beyond incremental improvement, and incorporate the notion of ChatOps and digital assistants to improve both the technology and the process.


Evolve How You Work to Match Your Business Aspirations

Introducing cloud created a fundamental shift in how you work. Businesses that have built their processes around traditional technology concepts need to learn a whole new world, and often, they aren’t sure where to start. Even with automation, the attention that you give your processes gates the power of your cloud technology.

As you transform your business to a cloud-driven strategy, we can help you transform your processes to match. Fundamentally change how you work to incorporate DevOps concepts, continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous optimization. Rethink the roles, skills, and flow of the work driven by the new capabilities your Cloud technology has enabled. Use analytics to look at your data through a new lens to improve your operations. Bonus points for the planet: change how you work while examining your technology and process to support sustainability initiatives with green-certified environments.


Do More Than Maintain Environments. Insure Your Estate with On-Demand Experts.

The binary decisions of the past— building capabilities in-house or out-sourcing—are no longer sufficient for the future, where every company is a technology company, regardless of industry or size. We want to help you determine how to size your talent, while utilizing experts on demand to insure the investment you’ve made to get to the cloud.

By co-sourcing, you can rely on our experts to guide and teach and act as a safety net as you get your own team enabled, or you can depend on us to handle everything with your key stakeholders providing input. Your policies and your standards. Our governance, centralized accountability, and autonomous technology. Focus on what matters most to your business, and take advantage of our expertise to create a 24/7 coverage model with predictable costs. While we manage all service tickets to completion, provide a cadence of health checks, and create access to experts on demand, you can direct your resources to your business’ competitive differentiators.

So? Tell Me What We’re Missing.

While the framework gives you a tool to self-assess, a guided approach with expert facilitators can help you get even deeper value. In a world with no shortage of boring cloud discussions, we can promise to make this one fun. Email hello_us@oracle.com to set up your zero-cost, zero-obligation Hello discovery session, learn more on our site, or feel free to contact me personally on LinkedIn.

Stephanie Trunzo

Senior Vice President and GM, Oracle Health

Stephanie Trunzo is senior vice president and general manager for Oracle Health. Her diversely skilled team is responsible for the strategy, design, build, and global go-to-market execution of Oracle’s healthcare industry solutions.

While Stephanie is a tech geek across cloud, AI, and emerging tech, she is also a storyteller with a commitment to usability and design thinking. This is reflected in the mission of Oracle Health to create human-centric healthcare experiences powered by data. Through this mission, Stephanie hopes to reimagine healthcare technology services and infrastructure using the power of Oracle’s industry-leading data and cloud solutions.

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