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ORS Group goes live with Oracle to deliver the media experience of the future

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Deploying integrated cloud solutions to accelerate time to market

For those outside of Austria who may not be familiar with the name, the ORS Group is an Austrian broadcasting network operator, established in early 2005. Back then, our core business was centered around providing a nationwide terrestrial network, delivering television and radio signals for our broadcasting customers. In those days, we didn’t even know who our end customers were because there was no access to user data.

Over the past 15 years or so, we have expanded the business from terrestrial to satellite, and more recently moved to providing content via IP as a digital content gateway. The most significant change for ORS was the move into the B2C arena where in 2012 we launched our simpliTV offering which provides cable TV services to the consumer market. Having secured a strong customer base of over 400,000 in Austria, it’s the first time in our history that we have been able to cultivate a direct relationship with our end customers. This presents a huge opportunity for us get to know our customers so that we can deliver a seamless and tailored digital experience to them.

ORS Group deploys Oracle’s digital experience solution

To help us on this journey, we have been working closely with Oracle Communications Consulting which has successfully deployed and implemented Oracle’s digital experience capabilities to meet our business transformation goals. We have now gone live with billing, business intelligence, activation and customer care on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, all aligned with TM Forum standards.

A key element of our strategy involves us leveraging our B2C business to enhance our B2B offerings because we believe that our B2B customers such as Netflix, Sky, and RTL can benefit from our experiences in the B2C area. Using the data and insights gained from our B2C customers, we can create a virtuous circle and more comprehensively serve our B2B customers, providing them with improved services.

To achieve this, we have had to overhaul our business support systems. We transitioned from a slow on-prem platform to Oracle’s cloud-based offerings, providing us both agility and innovation. This brought us a number of significant benefits that add value and help us transform the customer experience. These include:

  • Data-driven consumer insights for our business customers
  • Optimized usability for end customers
  • More self-care options for end customers
  • A comprehensive 360 view of our customers and one centralized product catalogue
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Simpler but better products

Building on our track record in terrestrial broadcasting, we created a very simple free-to-air broadcasting product and made it available to all consumers across Austria. When it was launched it was very successful, as it was easy to install and easy to access. Over time our product portfolio continued to grow, and the unfortunate side effect was that our customer journey became more complex. But we recognized that fact and have been working hard to improve the customer experience by removing complexity.

Our core focus is always on the customer. That has become imperative, and even more so as we increasingly operate as a digital business. Providing personalized services while ensuring that our products are relevant and of value to our customers is key. It is up to us to make sure that the processes are easy and simplified, since this will ensure that customers will buy.

The reality is that it’s actually a fairly simple formula to follow to ensure our success. We also want to make sure that we can bring new products to market in a short period of time with ease to maintain our competitive advantage and continue to appeal to customers. That can only be done if the systems are fully integrated with each other using a cloud-based solution. I discuss this and other topics in a recent webinar about the future of digital experience in the communications industry.

Looking ahead

As we look toward the future, we see 5G playing a significant role in the ORS business, further enhancing our customers’ digital experience. 5G is a 3GPP standard and it includes a broadcasting standard called 5G Broadcast. It allows for the use of High Power, High Tower infrastructure to disseminate linear broadcast signals to any 5G capable device such as mobiles or tablets, which we expect will be a very interesting proposition for ORS customers. We are investigating and actively contributing to this innovative new standard and we are running a trial in Vienna where we are testing the signal quality and the robustness of 5G broadcasting over High Power, High Tower.

The results so far are very promising, and in our tests the signal has proved to be very robust. We are measuring the signal for stationary use cases such as set top boxes and TV sets, as well as consumption on the move. In both use cases we have been seeing very encouraging results.

On a final note, as the world continues to wrestle with the the COVID-19 pandemic, from the ORS Group’s perspective it hasn’t changed our direction or our objectives. It has however validated our strategy, accelerated some of our processes and assured us that we are on the correct path to deliver the media experience of the future.

Watch this webinar in which I have an exclusive interview with Brendan Logan, global vice president of Oracle Communications Consulting.

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