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Orchestrate and transform your data with Xapix on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Altamash Saajid
Principal Product Manager

When you build high-value use cases like real-time analytics in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) scenarios on a global scale, you need to ensure that data from event sources such as the cloud, IoT devices, and applications is reliably connected, orchestrated, and delivered.

To help organizations accelerate their IIoT initiatives across the globe, Xapix has moved its data integration and orchestration offering to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Xapix and OCI are working together to ensure that customers in the automotive and manufacturing industries can successfully deploy and effectively run data orchestration and harmonization solutions. Xapix also enables seamless connectivity from thousands of different IIoT data sources to Oracle Customer Experience (Oracle CX). As a result, customers can use the full potential of Oracle CX on Oracle Cloud while building and managing customer relationships.

Connectivity and orchestration seamlessly provisioned

Xapix is an integrated platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that focuses on real-time IoT data. As such, it perfectly complements Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in meeting the challenges of large-scale IIoT use cases. Xapix integrates, orchestrates, and harmonizes data from thousands of connected products such as vehicles and machines. With Xapix, customers have access to the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of prebuilt IIoT data sources, so they can future-proof their business.

A diagram that shows the flow of data from data sources, through a transformation on Xapix, which transmits generic output in a target format to OCI.

Figure 1: Flow of data from sources through Xapix to OCI

“Together with Oracle, we are changing the way businesses are able to operate and connect their IIoT infrastructure—it’s a key component to building scalable platforms across automotive, manufacturing, supply chain, and energy,” said Xapix CEO Christian Umbach.

Built for large-scale IIoT industries like automotive and manufacturing

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a comprehensive public cloud platform. Xapix complements it by meeting the particular needs of customers in the automotive and manufacturing industry around industry-specific data objects and protocols, data performance and connectivity (for example, with real-time data), and data governance through advanced audit and logging features.

The following diagram shows the architecture of the automotive digital experience platform (DXP) with Xapix, Oracle CX, and OCI.

Figure 2: Architecture of the automotive DXP

All-in-one access for data and API integration workflows

Prebuilt data sources for automotive and manufacturing help to automate workflows without any code while providing comprehensive analytics, logging, and data governance tools. Core components are also available to orchestrate and process complex data streams, operationalize AI within the data pipelines, and preprocess data across the cloud and edge.

Increase your productivity and decrease costs

Through the easy-to-use, low-code interface of Xapix, non-experts can integrate and orchestrate data, which accelerates application development cycles and saves resources. There is no need to build custom one-to-one Oracle APIs and integration objects—Xapix external APIs and objects are mapped to industry-specific Oracle objects and APIs as needed. As a result, you get access to data from all integrated systems for real-time access or scheduled data migration.

A diagram that shows data from connected objects into OCI through APIs and gateways.

Figure 3: Data flow through Xapix and OCI APIs and objects

Unlock high-value customer use cases with Oracle CX and Xapix

Customers expect you to know what they want before they tell you. Automotive OEMs and manufacturers must be able to use data to personalize and target advertisements and adjust messaging to customers in a way that speaks to them as individuals. To accomplish this, you must have the tools that let you improve your customers’ experience. Xapix extends Oracle CX with prebuilt automotive and manufacturing adapters, industry-specific layers to accelerate IIoT data integration, intuitive UX for citizen developers, and prebuilt industry-specific components to operationalize data pipelines.

The bottom line

Oracle provides many integrations between common components and data sources, but the IIoT space is very specific and has highest demands on data throughput, latency, and formats. With Xapix, you have a tool that allows the quick integration and easy orchestration of unique data sources in IIoT while using the power and highly available infrastructure resources of Oracle Cloud. To learn more about Xapix, visit www.xapix.io. Sign up for a free Xapix account to get started, and check out Xapix in the Oracle Marketplace.

Independent software vendors who want to host their applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can find more information in Design the Infrastructure for Hosting SaaS Applications and Best practices framework for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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