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Oracle and NVIDIA Collaborate to Provide Accelerated Compute Offerings in the Cloud

Our cloud infrastructure’s mission has always been to provide uncompromising performance with best in class hardware so that customers such as data scientists, engineers and researchers can solve the biggest challenges and run the most compute intensive workloads, whether they’re solving cancer or making self-driving cars.

To help accelerate these challenging workloads we’re excited to announce that you’ll be able to utilize NVIDIA’s Pascal-based Tesla GPUs on our newly announced X7 hardware. With no hypervisor overhead you’ll have access to bare metal compute instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with two NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs to run CUDA based workloads allowing for over 21 TFLOPS of single-precision performance per instance. These instances will initially be available in our US-East Ashburn region, and our EU-Germany Frankurt region shortly after.

Oracle is also working closely with NVIDIA to provide the next generation of GPUs based on the Volta Architecture in both bare metal and virtual machine compute instances soon, allowing for up to 8 NVIDIA GPUs, all inter-connected with NVIDIA NVLink. These instances enable larger workloads to fit a single compute instance, while optimizing communication between GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink. This is going to be a game changer for customers allowing them to essentially rent a supercomputer by the hour!

“Enterprises need accelerated computing to run compute-intensive AI, HPC and advanced analytics workloads,” said Ian Buck, general manager and vice president of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA and Oracle’s collaboration will provide Fortune 500 companies that use Oracle Cloud on-demand access to the world’s most advanced GPU computing technology available.”

With AI and Deep Learning quickly becoming one of the most important and fastest growing workloads, we’re making this transition to the cloud simpler by providing pre-configured images. When you launch these NVIDIA GPU instances your images will have CUDA SDK pre-configured so you can get your workloads running quickly and seamlessly. NVIDIA cuDNN libraries are also pre-loaded so it’s easier to set up and run neural net workloads.

Apart from running cutting edge AI workloads, the instances are capable of delivering over 10 TFLOPs of double-precision performance which helps traditional HPC workloads such as Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), Monte Carlo Simulations, and reservoir modelling.

Zenotech is an Oracle partner that provides cloud-based HPC solutions for Computational Fluid Dynamics, helping engineers at aerospace companies, automotive companies, and civil engineering firms simulate airflow over airplane wings, airflow around buildings, and solve similar types of complex engineering challenges.

“Cutting edge hardware can make all the difference for mission critical HPC workloads today for our customers. With the availability of NVIDIA’s Pascal GPUs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, along with a commitment for next generation NVIDIA Volta GPUs, Oracle is a no brainer for compute intensive and performance optimized workloads such as ours in aerospace and manufacturing” said Jamil Appa, co-Founder and director of Zenotech.

We cannot wait to see what customers achieve with these new NVIDIA GPU instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Team

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