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Oracle Launches FedRAMP-Authorized Government Cloud Regions

Andrew Reichman
Director of Product Management

Oracle is excited to announce the achievement of FedRAMP authorization for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Government regions in Ashburn, VA, and Phoenix, AZ.

Oracle is a long-standing solutions provider to U.S. public sector agencies and organizations spanning federal, state, and local governments, to higher education institutions, and to commercial organizations that work closely with government agencies and contracts. This latest achievement is a part of our larger effort to globally expand the reach of our cloud.

Oracle Cloud in the Public Sector

Oracle Cloud, which comprises software as a service as well as cloud platform offerings, is used by 8 of the top 10 federal agencies by budget, as well as all four branches of the U.S. military. Thirty-six U.S. states use Oracle Cloud to run their agencies, connect with stakeholders, and achieve their goals. At the local level, 35 of the 50 biggest U.S. cities use Oracle Cloud to conduct their most critical organizational functions, as do a long list of public and private universities, colleges, school districts, and other educational institutions. We’re proud to be playing a role in the communities, campuses, and agencies that make our nation work, grow, and thrive.

Built for Public Sector Workloads

To better serve the public sector agencies that currently use our cloud, and to reach more organizations that aren’t yet using it, Oracle is happy to have achieved FedRAMP authorization in two cloud operating regions that are dedicated to US public sector organizations including Federal, State and Local entities. We know that the core advantages of Oracle Cloud are well suited to address the needs of public sector workloads: consistent high performance, predictable low cost, easy migration, strong security, isolation and governance controls, and optimization for the key workloads that our public sector customers value. For example, Oracle Cloud is optimized to run Oracle Database, with the only RAC and Exadata options on the market, new Autonomous Database services, and key features for data intensive workloads. Adding FedRAMP authorization increases the opportunity for agencies of every size to use our platform for their most critical workloads and data.

Partner and Customer Expectations

Deloitte has a longstanding alliance relationship with Oracle and tremendous public sector experience. Deloitte is helping federal, state and local agencies, and educational organizations around the country build modern solutions for finance, human resources, and supply chain on Oracle Cloud that are built and tested in an iterative and immersive way. Deloitte focuses on empowering agency leaders to be innovative after initial go-live, and successfully thrive for years to come. Oracle’s FedRAMP authorization is expected to increase the use of Oracle Cloud across a broad spectrum of agencies at every level, including joint Oracle and Deloitte customers.

Mythics is an award-winning systems integrator and solutions provider that specializes in serving U.S. public sector, commercial, higher education, and healthcare customers. As the largest Oracle federal resale partner in the United States, Mythics is excited about the launch of Oracle's FedRAMP-authorized cloud services and what it offers customers. Based on their experience, Oracle Cloud offers incredible performance, flexibility and cost-savings benefits that commercial and higher education customers have enjoyed for years. They are excited that their Federal Civilian, Department of Defense, and select Intelligence Community customers will now be able to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Government regions to help meet their compliance requirements and drive deeper cloud adoption and benefits. Their federal customers are particularly eager to move critical applications to this highly reliable and scalable platform with access to the latest infrastructure and cloud database technologies.

Many existing Oracle cloud government customers will be able to better address their requirements for mission-critical systems of record with Oracle’s could advancements. For example:

The City of Atlanta is realizing strong benefits from their use of Oracle Cloud.  They have reduced costs, increased efficiency and improved security, allowing them to better serve their citizens.

The State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has moved their mission critical accounting, payroll and personnel system to Oracle Cloud with confidence as well as consistency with the on-premises architecture they replaced.

The Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor has moved significant portions of their massive property assessments workloads from outdated mainframe technology to Oracle Cloud, simplifying and improving operations safely and easily.

We encourage public sector users to try out Oracle Cloud and see for themselves how it can accelerate workloads safely. Oracle has programs specifically for supporting public sector customers, and we’re excited to see what we can build together now that we’re up and running with FedRAMP.

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