Oracle Jump Start Learning: Introducing Self-Paced Hands-On Labs

Umair Siddiqui
Principal Product Manager

I remember my early days of trying out a cloud platform to create a couple of virtual machines. I got “ready” by reading documentation and watching quite a few online tutorials. But when I first logged into the platform, I was lost. I had to revisit the documents and tutorials to navigate my way around the platform. After I had some hands-on experience, everything became a lot easier.

Moral of the story: hands-on experience beats theoretical knowledge.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides unparalleled price and performance for customers deploying workloads in a cloud environment. We recognize that our existing and future customers have a varied skill set. It's important for us to provide our customers and partners with tools and solutions to bridge any skill gap so that our customers and partners can successfully use and deploy solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

In our endeavor to enable, empower, and expedite our customers, we are delighted to introduce Jump Start Learning. These self-paced, hands-on labs provide a live environment with step-by-step instructions for performing different tasks in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Best of all, the instructions and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console are visible in a single split screen. No more switching back and forth between browser windows to read instructions.

Want to create a virtual cloud network and deploy a compute instance on it? There's a lab for that.

Want to learn how to use Terraform to deploy infrastructure as code? There's a lab for that.

Want to deploy and configure Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse? Well, there's a lab for that, too.

Following are some of the key advantages and features of the labs:

  • Five beginner level labs are free. There is minimal cost for rest of the labs
  • Step-by-step instructions and access to the Console in a single browser screen.
  • Labs based on skill level. Start as a beginner, learn the basics, work your way to advanced, and then use the experience for a production rollout.
  • Configure and deploy the latest features, such as a service gateway and Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • No need to install any tools on your laptop; all necessary tools are built in.
  • Best hands-on experience, period!

Start taking the labs today by registering your account at https://ocitraining.qloudable.com/.

Remember to rate the lab at the end and provide your feedback. We are always listening to our customers and, more importantly, acting on your feedback, so let us know if you want to see a specific lab.

Happy learning!

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