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Oracle Delivers Open Source Cloud Monitoring Data with Grafana

Nelson Hsu
Director, Product Strategy & Strategic Development

Open source software is driving adoption and portability for the next-generation cloud. When you leverage open source technology and culture, cloud management becomes simpler across a distributed environment, making clouds interoperable, portable, and scalable. Without open source, you are locked in to a specific cloud model.

We are excited to announce the release of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Source for GrafanaGrafana is the leading open source platform for analytics and monitoring, and has generated significant demand among Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers. We worked closely with Grafana Labs on this integration, which provides robustness in monitoring, complemented by the work we have done to leverage Prometheus within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud native workloads demand greater observability, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables organizations to achieve this with a variety of tools, both native and third party. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Source for Grafana provides new ways for you to explore your data, to support log data, and to access the rest of the Grafana 6.0 features.  

This release continues to deliver on the Oracle Cloud Native Framework that we announced at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in December 2018. This framework includes our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud native services such as Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry, and a tremendous number of new observability and application definition, development and provisioning abilities—all available as managed services. Our focus is to deliver the best observability for our customers in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, hybrid, and multicloud environments. To that point, our Cloud at Customer offering has been delivering Oracle Cloud services to our customers on-premises and, along with the Oracle Autonomous Database, we provide the most automated and performant environment for your enterprise workloads.

Oracle has been committed for years to open source offerings and has been a Cloud Native Computing Foundation platinum member since 2017. We continue to foster open source efforts, as illustrated by the contribution of the Fn Project, a scalable functions platform that runs anywhere. If you want a managed service, Oracle Functions (FaaS) is an open solution that won't lock you in to proprietary APIs. You can run anything you develop on Oracle Functions anywhere else with the Fn Project. 

Scale and performance are critical, as well as the architecture that you build for logging and analytics to include streaming of events and execution of tasks across a hybrid and multicloud spectrum. These capabilities drive the need to monitor events, isolate issues and ensure a robust security framework. 

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Source for Grafana demonstrates our continued commitment to promote and provide open source solutions to our enterprise customers, providing them choice and flexibility to manage their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, hybrid, or multicloud workloads.

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