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Oracle Database Service Now Available on the High Performance X7 Platform

Vishal Singh
Senior Manager, Product Management

Run larger Oracle Databases in the cloud, faster, more securely, and at lower cost than ever before.

Last quarter we announced the availability of new compute shapes based on the high performance X7 platform. These shapes feature the latest generation of Skylake Intel CPUs, up to dual 25 Gbps non-oversubscribed network connections, and storage on the highest performance NVMe SSDs. Today, we are happy to announce that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Service is now available on these new compute shapes, on both Bare Metal and Virtual Machines.


With these new powerful shapes, more database-intensive applications can be migrated to the cloud at a lower cost per performance ratio. They offer Oracle Database users key advantages such as:

  • More database storage capacity: With the X7 Platform users can now get increased storage, which allows consolidation of more databases on a single database server and enables Oracle Enterprise Application 'Lift & Shift' scenarios like EBS, as these have larger storage requirements. The new bare metal shape comes with local NVMe SSD storage for ultimate performance, and provides up to ~16 TB usable data storage for dev/test databases (2-way mirroring with ~4TB RECO) and up to ~9.5 TB usable data storage for production databases (3-way mirroring with ~2.3TB RECO). The new virtual machines provide up to 40 TB of usable storage on Block volumes with ~8TB of RECO. 
  • More memory: The new bare metal shape offers 768 GB RAM which will appeal to users of our in-memory database.
  • Increased network bandwidth: Users have up to 50 Gbps bandwidth for three different types of database related traffic on the instance – data, Data Guard, & backup traffic. Also, increased network bandwidth for all VM shapes for example, 25 Gbps for VM.Standard2.24.
  • Increased number of cores and memory for VMs: The new VM shapes (Standard2) double the available memory as compared to Standard1. There is also a new 24 core VM shape available.


With the X7 platform, we are adding BM.DenseIO2.52 with 52 cores to the DenseIO family and a VM.Standard2 shape with 1 to 24 cores to the VM family. There is increased memory and network bandwidth for both shapes.

Product Shape Core(s) Memory (GB) Usable storage (GB) Network

Standard Virtual Machine (with Block Volume)




Block up to 40 TB

1 Gbps




Block up to 40 TB

2 Gbps




Block up to 40 TB

4 Gbps




Block up to 40 TB

8 Gbps




Block up to 40 TB

16 Gbps




Block up to 40 TB

25 Gbps

DenseIO - Bare Metal


2 - 52


Local 51.2 TB

2 x 25 Gbps



With the new shapes the following features remain unchanged:

  • Support for all four database editions – Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise Edition High Performance & Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance
  • 2-node RAC configuration (only for VMs) – Supported for Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance
  • All current database versions – 11.2, 12.1, 12.2 and 18.1 supported
  • 40TB of usable storage – with scale out of storage without any downtime


To provision new database instances, go to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console and launch DB System under Database:

To launch the new bare metal shape, select BM.DenseIO2.52:

To launch a new virtual machine instance, select VM.Standard2.x (where x is the number of OCPUs, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 24):

Note: You can select any virtual machine shape with more than 2 OCPUs to build a RAC database by specifying node count = 2.

Starting today, all new X7 shapes are available in all OCI regions and are accessible via Console, API, CLISDKs, and Terraform.

Try out the new shapes today and discover higher performance for your database workloads.

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