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Oracle Database Cloud Service - Fits Customers of All Sizes

Leo Leung
Senior Director of Product Management

Oracle Database customers, large and small: we've been working hard to provide the very best cloud database experience for all of you. Here's a recap.

Since the launch of Oracle Database Cloud Service on bare metal in January of this year, where we started offering Oracle Database on ultra-fast 36-core machines with local NVMe SSD, we've been filling out the portfolio. First we grew, adding a two-node shape with RAC and up to 8 terabytes (TB) of usable solid-state storage in May.

ICAT, a mid-sized property insurance company, was able to take advantage of our database offering on bare metal, scaling down the amount of cores to fit their needs, and seeing 10X performance gains over their on-premises infrastructure. They also benefited from the deep level of access and control that only Oracle offers. ICAT can use the full range of DBCLI and DBADMCLI commands they have learned and optimized over the years.

We grew even more in August, offering Oracle Exadata Cloud Service in quarter, half, and full rack shapes on the same control and data plane as the other database, compute, and storage options. Customers could then scale up to 88-cores and 336 TB of usable storage capacity for their very biggest databases or mass database consolidation.

This month, we went smaller, offering database shapes as small as a single core VM, leveraging our awesome, linearly-scaling block storage, and scaling up to 24 cores and 40 TB of usable storage capacity. We also expanded the availability of RAC to pairs of VMs, starting at 4-cores. This opens the door to most average-sized production database applications, which typically need a few hundred gigabytes of storage and a few cores of compute, but thousands of IOPS. We also beefed up our two-node RAC shape, which now offers up to 20 TB of usable SSD storage.

Here is the family of database shapes we now offer:

So where do we take it from here?

We've just made database maintenance easier and more automated. Now you can patch, setup replication, and setup database backups through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console or APIs. We've lowered Database Cloud pricing significantly, particularly on the Enterprise Editions. For the first time, we've also enabled customers to bring their own licenses (BYOL) to Database Cloud Service.

We're committed to being the best cloud to run Oracle Database applications, including third-party applications, making the entry price and capabilities more appealing, and continuing to lead the market in production-grade database infrastructure. Please reach out with questions, comments, or suggestions. We'd be excited to talk about your current environments and how we can help.

- Leo Leung, Director of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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