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Oracle Cloud Launches Cloud Regions for US Department of Defense Usage

Andrew Reichman
Director of Product Management

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure team is excited to announce that we’ve achieved DISA Impact Level 5 (IL5) provisional authorization (PATO) in three cloud regions built for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) workloads. These sites, based in Phoenix, Chicago, and Ashburn, Va., are open for business and can support critical applications and systems that the military depends on. Each of the DoD facilities within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure government regions is based on Oracle’s Generation 2 cloud infrastructure. They meet the stringent requirements of the DoD while providing the best capabilities for Oracle Database and Applications, consistently reliable performance, and availability for demanding workloads of all kinds.

Proven Leadership

Oracle’s technology leadership in federal agencies began more than 40 years ago with the development of a relational database program that served mission-critical customers. Today, Oracle Cloud can help both civilian and defense agencies meet key compliance and risk management requirements with a suite of compliance accreditations and advanced security capabilities that protect everything that runs in our cloud with a defense-in-depth approach. With flexible deployment options—public, private, and hybrid clouds—federal agencies can seamlessly build, deploy, and manage workloads in the cloud or on-premises, and connect the two deployment types seamlessly.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for government provides a range of options to run the proven Oracle Database, including the Exadata Cloud Service, which is based on an engineered hardware/software system optimized for maximum performance, consolidation, and reliability at massive scale. Alongside these unique database services are a range of infrastructure and application services created to solve advanced problems for government agencies reliably and securely.

The IL5 PATO government regions will launch with initial Oracle services, including Compute (virtual machine and bare metal), Storage (archive, block, and object), Database, Identity and Access Management, Key Management Service, Load Balancer, and Exadata Cloud Service.

Designed for Performance

When we designed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we understood that a key use case for our customers would be Oracle Database and the critical business applications that run on top of our database, so we knew we had to deliver exceptional results for these demanding workloads. The results show that we hit the mark. For performance-intensive database workloads, Oracle has a next-generation cloud network that connects our cloud components. The network has no resource oversubscription, so performance should never be compromised when the network gets busy. Further, we used a flat network topology, which reduces the number of hops and the associated latency between any two devices. Off-box network virtualization offloads the effort from the server, which can reduce the performance tax that customers would see without such an approach.

Storage traffic to remote block storage uses the full 25-Gbps pipe to the server. The Oracle Block Volumes service is designed for maximum performance with all-SSD capacity. It rates the highest IOPS per GB and IOPS per instance in the cloud, based on publicly available specifications from each of the major cloud service providers today. Combined with high performance local instance, object, and archive storage, this gives our DoD customers a range of options for sensitive data.

Why Oracle Cloud?

Private sector and government agencies around the world have realized that their goals are better served by consuming technology as a service rather than by building and running their own data centers and the systems in them. But, the specific compliance and operational requirements of defense agencies prevent them from using generic clouds. Oracle has a long history of meeting the needs of the DoD community, and the new IL5 cloud regions will allow DoD organizations to gain the benefits of cloud without sacrificing the safety of the data they manage or the missions they support. Oracle is proud to give them these unique capabilities.

For more information, visit our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Government page.

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