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  • July 8, 2019

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Now Live in Seoul

Andrew Reichman
Director of Product Management

We’re excited to be live in our newest Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region—Seoul, South Korea. This region is the third one to go live as part of our aggressive expansion plan for 2019. With it, we’re on track with our promise to make our generation 2 enterprise cloud services available in most of the major markets where Oracle customers operate. We’ve already launched regions in Toronto and Tokyo, and in the next few months we have launches planned for Mumbai, Sydney, Sao Paolo, and Zurich.

South Korea is an economic powerhouse whose global influence goes far beyond K-Pop and amazing food. The small, peninsular nation has become an innovation hub for technology and heavy manufacturing, building cutting-edge products consumed by discriminating consumers and businesses worldwide. Big conglomerates (known in Korea as chaebol) are a large part of this productivity engine, with the top five chaebol accounting for half of the South Korean Stock Index, according to Bloomberg. These conglomerates are conservative, and are often risk averse in decisions around hiring, market expansion, and usage of new technology. Cloud adoption in the region has been slower than elsewhere, in part because of this conservatism, with South Korea showing the lowest forecasted rate of cloud adoption growth of any country in IDC’s Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Public Cloud Services Forecast, 2017–2022.

Oracle is a trusted partner with these leaders of the South Korean economy. We expect that the newly available local region of our unique enterprise-centric generation 2 cloud will help more South Korean companies move key workloads to cloud with confidence and success. Oracle has already had a great deal of success helping the largest South Korean firms with digital transformation. Of the top 50 companies in South Korea by revenue, 32 already use Oracle Cloud and 44 deploy Oracle in some way. Our Korean customers and partners tell us that this local region will facilitate more cloud usage, and we are now working with them to build complete solutions to address their thorniest business challenges, including:

  • Samsung SDS is the technology services arm of South Korea’s largest chaebol, providing solutions for all of the businesses within the conglomerate. They act as the trailblazers for new technology adoption, vetting solutions and charting a course to meet the diverse and changing needs of an organization with over 300,000 employees. The new Oracle Cloud region will be a big part of their ongoing cloud adoption and expansion plans.
  • LG is another of the largest chaebol in South Korea. LG CNS, their technology services group, is eager to assist internal customers in deeper cloud adoption with the arrival of the new Oracle Cloud region in Seoul. Of particular interest to LG CNS is the local availability of Oracle’s Autonomous Database. With the ability to optimize for data warehouse and transaction processing workloads, Autonomous is a cloud-based, self-managing, self-securing, self-optimizing database system that represents the next iteration of the proven Oracle Database. Like LG, customers across South Korea will benefit from streamlined operations and superior results from using Oracle’s innovative Autonomous Database services.
  • Lotte Data Communications Company is excited to have Oracle Cloud in their backyard as they undergo a massive digital transformation focused on data management and migration to cloud. Access to artificial intelligence (AI) and big data capabilities are crucial for their success, and they are confident working with a proven leader in these technologies.
  • KEB Hana Bank is a Financial Services leader that is partnering closely with us in developing innovative new offerings on Oracle Cloud that will support their digital transformation goals over the next decade. The performance and security offered by Oracle Cloud make it possible for them to build services such as their Global Lifestyle Network (GLN) without risk or uncertainty.

These are just a few of the many South Korean customers that are already using the new Oracle Cloud region in Seoul, or have near-term plans to do so.  Over 100 organizations are working closely with us already, including the SK Stoa, Samsung Genome Institute, T’way Air, Seowon Distribution, Foresys, Artbox, Dexter Studios, Wisewires, Neostore, Atomy, Great Human Software, Mediacast, Synergy21, Baas LAB Corp., Korea National Open University Institute for Research & University-Industry Foundation, Chosun University, and Inje University.

We’re excited to be live in Seoul for this big step forward for Oracle’s worldwide cloud expansion and for the transformational capabilities this provides for customers there. To get started using Oracle Cloud, with free services and trials across our range of generation 2 enterprise cloud services, visit our Getting Started page.

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