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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway Now Generally Available

Robert Wunderlich
Product Strategy Director

We're pleased to announce the General Availability release of the API Gateway service. This latest offering from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure adds to the portfolio of services for the cloud native developer.  

What You Can Do with API Gateway

  • RESTful APIs with Oracle Functions: Oracle Functions lets developers focus on their code without worrying about the infrastructure. As developers create functionality through functions, they need to be able to access that functionality from other applications. RESTful APIs allow applications to interact, providing greater value in the business processes that they support. Using API Gateway, developers can extend their applications with functions without using the SDK. Developers can further expand the reach of their functions by making their APIs available to others.
  • RESTful APIs for Container Engine for Kubernetes, Compute, and other projects: The API Gateway service is not limited to Oracle Functions. You can use API Gateway to protect any RESTful service running on Container Engine for Kubernetes, Compute, or other endpoints.

Key Features

  • Policy enforcement: Rather than exposing your services directly, you can use API Gateway to define finer-grained policies such as rate limiting, custom authorization, and cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).
  • Metrics: Monitor the health and performance of all your services as the request and response traffic flows through API Gateway.
  • Logging: Log important details about the traffic that moves through your services to better diagnose issues. API Gateway currently logs to Object Storage, but the upcoming Logging service will use it to provide even more logging capabilities. To learn more about the Logging service and how to participate in the Limited Availability program, see Announcing Limited Availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging Service.

Getting Started

With API Gateway, Oracle manages the infrastructure so that you don't have to. To get started, see the Quick Start Guide and the Creating Your First API Gateway in the Oracle Cloud blog post. You can also learn more by reading the service documentation.

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