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From Oracle's Cloud to the Moon, Jupiter and Beyond with A.I. Solutions

Ever thought about the challenge of choosing exactly the right trajectory for a satellite to enter an orbit around one of Jupiter’s moons? Neither had I, but after listening to the folks at a.i. solutions it all came alive for me. Go a tiny bit too close and it’ll crash into that moon; but stay too far away and Jupiter may drag the satellite down into the gas giant. Oh, and arrive a moment too late - or too early - and that carefully planned trajectory isn't even an option.

a.i. solutions has created a toolset called “Deep Space Trajectory Explorer” (DSTE) that enables engineers to interactively design trajectories by exploring millions of solutions and finding the optimal path. The program is built with the Java 8 streaming API, JavaFX 3D and Canvas.

DSTE proved helpful, however the scientists struggled with the time required to compute a large solution space of possible trajectories. Limited hardware meant continual trade-offs between the time required and the size of solution space searched at each iteration.

They started looking for a dependable cloud solution suitable for DSTE, a High Performance Computing (HPC) solution that could be up and running quickly, but only incur costs while actually in use. In their words, “We don’t need that much hardware all the time, so it would never have been cost-effective to purchase it all.”

The company started exploring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and “everything just worked,” said Sean M Phillips, Principal Software Engineer at a.i. solutions. “It was easy to get our JAVA 8 streaming API and Ubuntu environment up and running. We started in March, and by June we demonstrated the live solution running in real-time.”

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute bare metal instances they were able to increase their compute power 52-fold, speeding iterative searches and increasing the solution space covered. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, not only did a.i. solutions find cost-effective compute power for their parallelizable problems, but they're able to bring up the resources within minutes.

The sky may have been the limit for a.i. solutions, however, with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, "sky" does not do it justice. So here’s to the moon, Jupiter and beyond! Read the entire story here.

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Bhawna Sharma, Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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