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Available Now: Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Load Balancing Service

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We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Load Balancing Service.

The Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Load Balancing Service allows you to create a highly available, regional load balancer within your virtual cloud network (VCN). You can use it to distribute internet traffic to your compute instances across multiple availability domains within a region when your application demands high availability.

The Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Load Balancing Service offers the ideal front-end for your applications when you want to achieve increased availability and throughput by running these applications across multiple compute instances in different availability domains within a region.

With the Load Balancing Service, we offer you 5 unique capabilities including:

  1. Choice of bandwidth: You can provision Load Balancers that offer total bandwidth of 100 Mbps, 400 Mbps or 8 Gbps when multiple clients connect to it.
  2. High Availability: You can create highly available Load Balancers across two Availability Domains.
  3. Access Control: You can configure your Load Balancer to adhere to network security policies as specified in Security List Rules as well as Identity and Access Management policies.
  4. Public IP Address: Your Load Balancer is provisioned with a public IP address. You can use the public internet routable IP address and register it with a DNS service of your choice to provide a friendly DNS name to access your application.
  5. Support for network (TCP/SSL) and application (HTTP/HTTPS and HTTP/2) traffic load balancing: You can use the Load Balancer to distribute TCP/SSL, HTTP/HTTPS and HTTP/2 traffic from the Internet to compute instances running inside your Virtual Cloud Network (VCN).

Learn more about the Load Balancing Service today by checking out our Load Balancing Service Getting Started guide.

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