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Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Compute Service - Virtual Machines

Hi, I’m PehKeong Teh, Product Manager on the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services Team. In October, we announced the General Availability (GA) of the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS) with the industry’s first on-demand Bare Metal (BM) compute instances that are elastic and can be provisioned in minutes with a few simple clicks or API calls. Bare Metal compute instances run on dedicated bare metal servers in a low-latency, non over-subscribed network, delivering consistent performance for even the most demanding workloads. These Bare Metal compute instances are among the best performing computers in the public cloud today and are ideal for enterprise applications or big data workloads that require extreme performance.

Customers love the performance that they get from the BM instances (36 cores and up to 512 GB RAM), but they need smaller compute resources for certain applications. Today we are announcing the general availability of the BMCS Virtual Machine (VM) service specifically designed for applications or workloads that do not require the performance of an entire bare metal server. We support the following VM shapes today with more shapes coming soon:

  • VM.Standard1.1 - 1-core, 7 GB RAM,
  • VM.Standard1.2 - 2-cores, 14 GB RAM,
  • VM.Standard1.4 - 4-cores, 28 GB RAM

Customers can now select the compute shape most appropriate for their workloads, ranging from a 1 core VM, all the way to a 36 core Bare Metal instance. For example, they can have their resource intensive database in a BM instance and less resource intensive applications like web servers and application servers in Virtual Machines.


The VM service runs on a low-latency network and is built on the same high-performance bare metal servers as the BM compute instances. In the VM service, we employ a hypervisor to virtualize all of the underlying bare metal servers into smaller compute resources and offer these compute resources as VMs in a typical cloud multi-tenant model. We have architected the VM service to use PCI pass-through and Single-Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) technology to deliver optimal performance in a virtualized environment. This enables our VM instances to deliver very high performance with minimal overhead from the virtualization.

In addition to performance, we have made it very easy for you to deploy VM instances in your BMCS environment by delivering the same capabilities and APIs between the Bare Metal and Virtual Machines. This means that all of your existing scripts and tools for BM will work beautifully on VM's! For example, to launch a VM instance, the only thing that you need to do differently is to change the shape of the compute instance on the API or the console from BM.Standard1.36 to VM.Standard1.4.

Finally, we have made it easy to move your application between a Virtual Machine and Bare Metal instances in a matter of minutes. A custom OS image created on a BM instance can be used to launch a VM instance and vice-versa. This capability is ideal for you to scale between different shapes or VM-to-BM as your workload patterns change over-time.

Please visit our Compute Service site for more information.

PehKeong The
Senior Principal Product Manager
Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Team

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