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Oracle and Microsoft expand interconnection to Frankfurt, adding a third location in EMEA

Michael Mersch
Senior Principal Product Manager

We’re pleased to launch our seventh Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure interconnect region in Frankfurt, Germany. This launch enables direct connectivity between Oracle Cloud Germany Central (Frankfurt) and Azure ExpressRoute locations in Frankfurt and Frankfurt 2. As with all our interconnected regions, we require less than 2-millisecond latency, and in Frankfurt, our testing is showing 1.7 MS RTT. Frankfurt is our second region in the EU, enabling more options for customers’ business continuity, disaster recovery, and data residency plans with this unique multicloud solution.

Oracle and Microsoft announced our unique partnership in June 2019, providing a unified enterprise cloud experience by connecting Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). For the first time, customers could migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads across their Microsoft Azure and OCI environments with a dedicated low-latency connection and identity federation. The partnership also offers a collaborative support model, so customers can support existing customer relationships.

Frankfurt joins two previously available interconnect regions in EMEA and is the seventh region overall, joining the following regions:

  • Oracle Cloud UK South (London) to Azure UK South

  • Oracle Cloud Europe Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam) to Azure West Europe

  • Oracle Cloud Ashburn (North America) to Azure US East

  • Oracle Cloud Canada Southeast (Toronto) to Azure Canada Central

  • Oracle Cloud Japan East (Tokyo) to Azure Japan East

  • Oracle Cloud West (San Jose) to Azure US West

A new region for multicloud workloads and disaster recovery in EMEA

Enterprises of all sizes around the world have taken advantage of the multicloud flexibility offered by this partnership. However, many customers require a geographically diverse disaster recovery plan. The addition of a third region for EMEA enables customers to implement a disaster recovery plan that also fulfills in-region data sovereignty and compliance requirements. For example, customers can now fail over their connected workloads from Amsterdam to Frankfurt or the opposite direction.

The partnership gives customers a one-stop shop for all the cloud services that they need to run their entire business. The interconnect provides interoperability for customers running Oracle software on OCI, connected to Microsoft software on Azure. Customers can now move to the cloud faster, without the need to rearchitect applications, reskill workforce, or replace IT best practices. Customers also have access to innovative multicloud solutions, such as Oracle Autonomous Database connected to Azure cloud services, secured through enterprise identity management.

Use case

Colt Data Centre Services, which runs 26 state-of-the-art facilities in Europe and Asia-Pacific, was running Oracle Database 19c on Microsoft Azure. The database was critical, hosting customer data and billing. “Hosting an Oracle Database on an infrastructure that isn’t tailored to the purpose held us back,” says Michael Kusmierowicz, global IT infrastructure manager of Colt Data Centre Services. “Our platform couldn’t keep pace with our business expansion. We also incurred high costs in hosting and support, with my team constantly trying to hotfix our solution.”

To improve performance, Colt needed a native solution, one that ran its Oracle Database on OCI. When Oracle announced its interconnect partnership with Microsoft, Colt jumped at the opportunity. Working with systems integrator DSP, Colt planned a six-month implementation. It took only two months, giving Kusmierowicz’s team extra time to tweak the solution.

“We now have a seamless multicloud environment where nothing feels separate,” says Kusmierowicz. “It’s faster, with zero downtime, and saves us money.”

Continued expansion

We’re excited to continue to grow this unique offering. We plan to add more interconnected regions for our customers to enable to the best enterprise and multicloud solutions. Learn more about Oracle and Azure Interconnect in the following resources:

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