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Oracle and customers team up to transform how we use AI and ML on the cloud

Gloria Lee
Cloud Engineer

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) span all industry verticals, from media and entertainment, to financial services, healthcare, and much more. Regardless of what industry you’re in, companies are taking advantage of AI and ML to drive their business. Because of this rapid adoption, there’s a need for a scalable and highly available infrastructure. Enter high-performance computing (HPC) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Running HPC on OCI gets you the same, or even better, performance as on-premises along with the ability to deploy quickly and scale to fit your workloads. Learn more about the future of HPC on OCI.

Oracle for Startups has partnered with several customers to use OCI to enhance their AI and ML workloads, more specifically Oracle’s true bare metal GPU shapes. By harnessing the powerful NVIDIA GPUs, they can accelerate both the training and inference of their workloads. Here are three customers who are revolutionizing their respective industries by using Oracle Cloud.

"It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the Oracle Startup team,” said Robert Herman, REscan Co-founder and CEO. “They’re super responsive and make a great effort to address all the needs of an entrepreneur."

REscan, a 3D technology company, is revolutionizing how people view spaces by digitizing large commercial real estate portfolios. Their technology generates 3D models with high measurement accuracy and supports large square footage. By providing customers the ability to remotely view properties, they can make informed decisions from the comforts of their own home. With the convenience for clients, the AI algorithms and robotic applications remove people and other private information, so you don’t have to shut down these locations to get these models. Learn more about REscan.

Leading the charge in cognitive platforms is TensorGo. Their platform consists of various computer vision models that can detect, identify, classify, and track with advanced analytics and custom neural networks. Their hybrid architecture enables their customers to distribute workloads in a cost-efficient way, with optimized end-to-end performance. Their highly customizable solution accounts for real-world conditions, ensuring their customers’ needs are met. Learn more about TensorGo.

Gnani.ai, an AI company, uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and NLP for automation and analytics to provide a multilingual voice-based conversational AI. Their speech recognition APIs and NLP-based solutions are used to power customer support automation for companies worldwide. They ensure that their voice-based solutions sound real and human to provide the best customer experience for their clients. Learn more about Gnani.ai.

“We have been witnessing a surge in demand for automation technologies,” said Ananth Nagaraj, Gnani.ai co-founder and CTO. “A common consensus to provide the best-in-class CX has emerged, and conversational AI is poised to bring much-needed change. Gnani.ai is perhaps one of the few companies to have built home-grown speech engines as the backbone of digital-age Conversational AI-based solutions. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has helped us immensely in scaling our Conversational AI through highly flexible GPU-enabled infrastructure.”

DeepVisionTech Pvt. Ltd. is empowering people with disabilities by creating AI based innovative solutions. They’re working on the Let’sTalkSign solution that enables two-way communication and breaks the communication barrier between deaf and speech- and hearing-impaired people and others. Their solution interprets sign language to text and speech in any language in real time on any device. Apart from the communication app, they plan to launch other variants of the solution for educational institutions, NGOs, businesses, and public services. They believe Let’sTalkSign can empower deaf, speech- and hearing-impaired people to live independently and also help businesses to be inclusive. Learn more about DeepVisionTech.AI and Let’sTalkSign.

These companies are only a few of the amazing customers that are teaming up with Oracle to take their work to new heights. We hope to continue the great work being done on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with customers like you. Learn more about Oracle for Startups.

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  • Thuy Wednesday, April 21, 2021
    Great to read about the customer experience! Wonderful blog.
  • Christopher L. Wednesday, April 21, 2021
    Great article! Excited for this new age of Artificial Intelligence that we are entering. Continue the amazing work, Oracle!
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