New Oracle Linux KVM Image for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Julie Wong
Product Management Director

Easy deployment of virtual machines is important to most cloud deployments. The Oracle Linux KVM image simplifies the deployment of VMs by integrating with services such as block storage and virtual network interfaces through the use of scripted tools, including oci-utils. These tools make it easy to define VM guest domains, allocating specific block volumes or VNICs, and launch or remove VMs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

We've just updated the Oracle Linux KVM Image for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, with the following enhancements:

  • Support for VNIC creation through the oci-utils script: oci-network-config --create-vnic

Example of VNIC creation:

$ sudo oci-network-config --create-vnic --vnic-name vnic-guest3 --assign-public-ip

This creates a VNIC and assigns a public IP address.

  • Support for block volume creation through the oci-utils script: oci-iscsi-config --create-volume

Example of block device creation:

$ sudo oci-iscsi-config --create-volume 100 --volume-name vol-guest3

This creates a 100 GB volume and attaches the iSCSI device.

  • Full configuration of Virtual Function network interfaces using the native Oracle Linux systemd LSB networking (ifcfg network configuration files)

  • Updated to oci-utils version 0.6

  • Updated to the Oracle Linux 2018-05-08 base image

To deploy the new KVM image on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, import it by using the URL on this page, and create the instance by using the custom image.

For more information, visit the following pages:

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