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New Console Features to Manage Your Cloud Account

Tina Liu
Director, Product Marketing

Last month, we delivered the ability to manage all your Oracle Cloud services—whether they be IaaS, PaaS, and now SaaS—from a single login. Today, we are excited to introduce additional key Console enhancements that further improve how you manage your Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services. 

  • Region management support within the Console is now extended to all Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services
  • We've improved the experience for managing group access to Cloud Platform services

Region Management Support Expanded to Infrastructure and Platform Services

We've expanded our region management capabilities in the Console so that you can easily control the regions where your accounts operate from a single user interface. In addition to managing regions for your Infrastructure Services, you can now manage the geographic regions where you consume Platform services without having to go to My Services to subscribe to those regions. See Data Regions for Platform and Infrastructure Services for a world map of all available Oracle Cloud Region locations.

Image 1: Managing Platform Services Regions from the Console

Improved Experience for Managing Group Access to Platform Services

We have also simplified the process for granting access to groups of users who are operating Platform services and instances. Previously, administrators needed to go to My Services to perform these functions, but we have now centralized all of this within the one Oracle Cloud Console. Administrators can now easily perform these actions within the Console, including adding new Oracle Identity Cloud Service federated users to a group, removing them, managing their service roles, and sending an access email to all users within a group by using a pre-populated email template.

As you can see in the graphic below, the management of group roles within the console can be found at Oracle Cloud Console > [Identity] > [Federation] > [Identity Provider Details] > [Groups]. In the below example, we are managing users that belong to an Oracle Cloud administrators group.

Image 2: Managing Groups of Identity Cloud Service federated users

We are excited to bring you these latest console experience enhancements. And as always, please continue to share your feedback with us as this is part of a larger effort to continually improve and streamline the Console user experience for all Oracle Cloud services.

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