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New Autonomous Platform Services, Powered by Infrastructure

Leo Leung
Senior Director of Product Management

All clouds aren't equal. And the inequality goes beyond one cloud application having better or different features than another. You know how browsing feels different on your latest phone versus how it felt two phones ago? The underlying platform has a big impact.

Why Cloud Platform Customers Should Care About Infrastructure

Just like with apps on your phone, new hardware, faster networking, and updated software infrastructure make a big difference in your experience. In the enterprise cloud, such updates make analysis move faster, applications run more reliably, and integrations have more robust shapes to do their job.

Although it might be more obvious in some services than in others, our core infrastructure values often shine through:

  • Superior and predictable performance: Oracle is still the only cloud to offer bare metal compute, as well as options for substantial amounts of local NVMe SSD storage with multiple times the performance of other clouds. We're so confident, we're the only IaaS to offer performance SLAs for storage and even networking.
  • Layers of resilience: Oracle offers multiple layers of availability and protection, including unique capabilities like RAC for Oracle Database and policy-based backups for block storage, and easy-to-use availability domains that enable fast multisite redundancy.
  • Superior scale: Not only do we support the largest Oracle Databases in the cloud, offering 268 terabytes of usable capacity, but all of our processing and persistence capabilities are similarly high-scale across compute, file storage, block storage, and object storage.

All services that run on top of our infrastructure can take advantage of these values, and your business can benefit.

Platform Gets Turbocharged

We're excited to support more and more cloud services with our next generation infrastructure. The latest services include:

  • Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud: Faster time-to-insights with automated data discovery and analysis. Check out this popular service with a trial, or learn more.
  • Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud: Faster time-to-service with predefined integrations and flows. Integrate Oracle and third-party services, both on-premises and cloud-based. Learn more.
  • Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud: Faster time-to-market with new applications with deployment automation. Build web and mobile JavaScript applications with visual tools or code. Learn more.

These services add to the many services that already leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including Java Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service, and Big Data Cloud Service. And there's so much more to come.

- Leo Leung, Senior Director of Product Management

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