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Migration and Disaster Recovery in the Oracle Cloud with Rackware

Gilson Melo
Director of Product Management

We are pleased to announce the availability of Rackware RMM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Live Migration and Disaster Recovery. Intellectual property, financial transactions, and business data are amongst the most valuable assets of any organization. Protecting them is the paramount responsibility of customers in the cloud. Many enterprise customers need Migration and Disaster Recovery solutions with a cost effective agile approach to protect and optimize applications running in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


RackWare RMM platform provides a flexible and all-encompassing solution for Migration and disaster recovery. RackWare helps Enterprises and large Organizations take advantage of the agility promised by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Rackware's platform eliminates the complexity protecting, moving, and managing large-scale applications, including critical business applications and their workloads into the Oracle Cloud. It is now possible for enterprise customers to forgo the upfront purchase of duplicate recovery hardware, the cost of set up, configuring, and maintaining that hardware by leveraging Oracle cloud infrastructure.

OCI Regions and Availability Domains

This blog focuses on integration of Rackware on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Migration/DR use cases. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hosted in regions and availability domains. A region is a localized geographic area, and an availability domain is one or more data centers located within a region. A region is composed of three availability domains. Availability domains are isolated from each other, fault tolerant, and very unlikely to fail simultaneously. Availability domains do not share infrastructure such as power or cooling, or the internal availability domain network. All the availability domains in a region are connected to each other by a low latency, high bandwidth network, which makes it possible to provide highly available connectivity to the Internet and customer premises, and to build replicated systems in multiple availability domains for both high-availability and disaster recovery. Enterprises can use the Rackware RMM platform achieve Live Migration/ Disaster recovery using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Regions and Availability Domains.

Rackware RMM Migration/DR platform is a non-intrusive Agentless Technology with pre- and post- Migration Configuration Capabilities that is easy to setup and configure for complicated enterprise environments/applications. Rackware RMM supports both Linux and Windows based workloads for migration to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Rackware RMM value proposition for enterprises in the Oracle Cloud is as follows:

  • Non-disruptive / Live Captures -No agents installed, safe and secure replication of your production environments
  • Network and Application Discovery - Automatically discover network configurations and applications allowing you to reconfigure them in the OCI environment during migration
  • Universal DR Protection - RackWare support spans all physical and virtual confluences, even for complex environments with Large SQL Clusters, and Network Attached Storage
  • Seamless Failback -  To physical and virtual environments, for simple disaster recovery drills
  • Cost Reduction - Orchestration engine for multiple polices of RPOs and RTOs based on tolerance to reduce costs with less expensive compute, network, and storage utilization.

Oracle & Rackware partnership provides a seamless experience to Migrate to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and secure customer workloads with dynamic provisioning and disaster recovery.

To get started, please have a look at the joint collateral and videos available here:

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