Migrate Servers to Oracle Cloud using PlateSpin Migrate

Gilson Melo
Senior Principal Product Manager

We are pleased to announce the availability of PlateSpin Migrate support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Micro Focus offers PlateSpin Migrate which is an industry-proven workload migration solution enabling customers to migrate their servers to Oracle cloud over the network.

Here is a quick overview from Micro Focus on migrating servers to Oracle cloud with PlateSpin Migrate. To read the full instructions on the migration process, download the best practices white paper from PlateSpin Migrate here

PlateSpin Migrate 

PlateSpin Migrate is a powerful server portability solution that automates the process of migrating servers over the network between physical machines, virtual hosts, and enterprise cloud platforms— all from a single point of control. When migrating such servers, PlateSpin Migrate refers to these servers as “workloads.” A workload in this context is the aggregation of the software stack installed on the server: the operating system, applications and middleware, and any data that resides on the server volumes. PlateSpin Migrate provides enterprises and service providers with a mature, proven solution for migrating, testing, and rebalancing workloads across infrastructure boundaries. PlateSpin Migrate has horizontal scalability with up to 40 concurrently active migrations per PlateSpin Migrate server.

Overview of the Migration Process and Pre-Requisites

PlateSpin Migrate offers the capability to replicate machines to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute. At the moment, only the full migration process, which replicates the entire volume data from source to target, is available. To avoid any changes that won't be replicated to the target, you must ensure the applications on the source machine are not being utilized for the duration of the full migration. Once the full migration is complete, the source is powered down and the target is brought online.
Migration to Oracle cloud using PlateSpin Migrate includes the following steps:
  1. Install the Migrate server and Migrate client. The Migrate server runs on Windows OS. It can be installed either at the source machine location (see the following diagram) or inside Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The PlateSpin Migrate client is the Graphical User Interface. It can be installed either on the PlateSpin Migrate server or on a separate machine.
  2. Using the Migrate client, discover the source machine that needs to be migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute.
  3. Create the target VM instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure manually. It has to be launched from the PlateSpin custom image. Once the target instance is launched, provide details to register it to Migrate server.
  4. Set up a migration job between the source machine and the registered target machine using the PlateSpin Migrate client. The Migrate server orchestrates the migration process. The source machine transfers data directly to the target instance and the data can be encrypted during transfer.

Additional Resources

  • To evaluate PlateSpin Migrate, download a free trial here.
  • Read documentation from PlateSpin Migrate.
  • The PlateSpin Migrate listing on Oracle Marketplace can be found here

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  • Kirubanandhan Nandagobal Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    How to Migrate the oracle DB Having ASM(RDM, VMDK) from One Datacenter to another Datacenter using Platespin?
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