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Making Cars Safer with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Altair Radioss

Amarendra Joshi
Global ISV Lead - HPC

Automotive crash testing is critical for safety, and cars are safer than ever before because of new technology. Physical crash testing is expensive, so auto manufacturers use engineering simulation technology to improve their designs and reduce the frequency of physical testing. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, car manufacturers can run more simulations and help make cars safer.

Altair Simulation Platform

Altair provides cloud solutions for product development and high-performance computing (HPC). With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Altair’s suite of engineering software enables engineers to execute an end-to-end design and simulation process. Altair Radioss™ performs structural analysis simulations of extremely fast events, like vehicle crashes and ballistics. Radioss simulates how a car’s material behaves during a crash, and it generates important data that helps designers refine vehicle design.

Oracle HPC Instances

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides remote direct memory access (RDMA)-enabled cluster networking and bare metal HPC instances. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now combines its proven HPC instance with a low-latency network that can span up to 20,736 cores. The compute shape has 36 cores from two 3.7GHz Intel® Xeon® Gold 6154 Processors, 384 GB RAM, and 6.4 TB NVME local storage.

“By partnering with Intel to deploy Intel Xeon Gold 6154 Processors, OCI has been able to leverage the large performance gains from this generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors and to accelerate the performance of HPC workloads like scientific simulation with the new AVX-512 instructions,” said Jeff Wittich, Senior Director of Cloud Service Providers at Intel.

Oracle uses Mellanox technology to enable RDMA through RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) v2. Compared to virtual machines (VMs), bare metal compute instances yield more consistent results that are comparable to an on-premises compute infrastructure. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you don’t need to settle for a virtualized HPC network.

“Now is the time for cloud infrastructure architects to look at RDMA based interconnect to increase their compute, memory and storage performance,” said Motti Beck, Senior Director Of Enterprise Market Development at Mellanox. “Deploying Mellanox’s RoCE v2 solutions in OCI enables Oracle to achieve their SLAs at a lower cost while fulfilling challenging Cloud performance and efficiency metrics.”

Radioss Performance with HPC Instances

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables fast Intel Xeon Gold processors and MPI software to launch and run a 10-million-element Radioss model. Cluster networking, built on Mellanox ConnectX-5 NICs, ensures that the model scales at above 100 percent across a cluster of over 500 cores.

The following figures show the simulation setup and result. The test is a standard front-impact test required for the crashworthiness and safety testing of any vehicle. The vehicle is prescribed a velocity of 50 km/h, and the shape deformation and other simulation data from its crash with the rigid barrier is calculated.

Figure 1: Setup for Vehicle Front-Impact Crash Test Using Radioss

Figure 2: Vehicle Shape Deformation After the Front-Impact Simulation

Figure 3: Radioss Scale Performance on 1–15 Nodes, Elapsed Time Versus Number of Nodes

Radioss scales on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC shapes with cluster networking. The reduction of elapsed time as nodes increase matches on-premises performance.

“We are extremely pleased with Radioss performance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,” said Piush Patel, SVP of HPC, Cloud, and Data Intelligence Partnerships at Altair. “Engineering customers across the globe can leverage OCI to obtain great scalability and speed up performance.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is competitive with on-premises HPC clusters in both performance and price. Compute resources can be available to engineers in a matter of minutes, reducing the time-to-market for engineered products.

Sign up for 24 free hours on a 208-core cluster or learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's HPC solutions. For more examples of how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure outperforms the competition, follow #LetsProveIt on Twitter.

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