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Jump-start an Oracle Autonomous Linux cloud developer environment

Julie Wong
Product Management Director

The Oracle Cloud Developer Image is an Oracle Linux 7-based image that enables developers to rapidly preinstall and launch a comprehensive development environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It includes the latest tools, choice of development languages, OCI Software Development Kits (SDKs), and database connectors. Oracle Cloud Developer Image version 21.01 introduces autonomous operations based on Oracle Autonomous Linux.

Autonomous Linux is an Oracle Linux operating environment that runs automatic patch updates without human interaction, improves security and IT developer productivity, and reduces downtime. Autonomous Linux is the first and only autonomous operating environment, and it’s built and optimized for Oracle Cloud. Using Autonomous Linux, the Oracle Cloud Developer image version 21.01 helps developers keep their Linux operating system secure and reliable, frees them from tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks, and allows them more time to focus on developing applications important to their business.

Higher security and reliability

Oracle Cloud Developer Image (Autonomous Linux) version 21.01 uses Oracle Ksplice technology to automatically apply zero-downtime security updates for the kernel and key user space libraries, such as glibc and openssl. Ksplice checks daily for and applies available patches while the Oracle Linux instance is running, without requiring a reboot or stopping applications. Ksplice also detects and notifies you of known exploit attempts made on privilege escalation vulnerabilities that it has patched. Ksplice helps keep the Oracle Linux operating system secure and reliable by staying up to date with vulnerability patches and alerting you to suspicious activities.

This image includes the Autonomous Linux al-config utility that allows you to specify the preferred time window in which automatic zero-downtime updates are to be performed. You can find more al-config usage details in Tips for Using Oracle Autonomous Linux on Oracle Cloud.

Fast and easy deployment

The Oracle Cloud Developer image provides software and tools that integrate with native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, making it easy to install a comprehensive developer environment within minutes. You can deploy it directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace or from the Oracle Images catalog in the OCI Console by selecting the Oracle Cloud Developer Image (Autonomous Linux) listing. With a few clicks, a self-patching Linux development environment with a preinstalled set of development software and tools is up and running in OCI.

A screenshot Oracle Cloud Marketplace listing for Oracle Cloud Developer Imagine (Autonomous Linux).

Oracle Cloud Marketplace also has a new release of the Oracle Cloud Developer Image version 21.01, which is based on the standard Oracle Linux 7 image and doesn’t use Autonomous Linux. For Autonomous Linux, select Oracle Cloud Developer Image (Autonomous Linux) version 21.01.

Preinstalled development software and tools

This release provides updated releases of the following development languages and Oracle Database connectors:

  • Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 8, 11, 15

  • GraalVM Enterprise Edition 20

  • Python 3.6 and cx_Oracle 8

  • Node.js 14 and node-oracledb

  • Go 1.15

  • Oracle Instant Client 21

  • Oracle SQLcl 20.3

  • Oracle SQL Developer 19.4

You can find a complete list of other updated development software, tools, and usage instructions in the Oracle Cloud Developer Image Marketplace listing.

Oracle Linux Premier level support included

Oracle Linux Premier Support is included with an OCI subscription at no extra cost. So, you can enjoy the highest-level support for Oracle Linux, including around-the-clock expert telephone and online support and access to enhancements and updates.

Getting started

Application development in the cloud is now easier than ever with the Oracle Cloud Developer image for OCI. To discover more about developer software and tools included in the Oracle Cloud Developer image, visit the developer image Marketplace listing. You can start by signing up for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account and test driving the Oracle Cloud Developer image by deploying it on Oracle Cloud Free Tier resources.

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