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Java Cloud Service and more now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Joe Malek
Product Manager

Setting up, deploying and maintaining an application platform never seems to be quite as simple as it should be. After investing time and effort to get your software and hardware running and the software tuned for performance, keeping it healthy over the long term is an ordeal in itself. Chasing dependencies and working out the best configurations for performance certainly pays dividends at the beginning of the application lifecycle, but diminish in value as the platform ages. The time and effort invested can be jeopardized when migrating to new hardware, effectively doubling costs without improving the value to the user.

Intelligent automation is needed to drive down administrative overhead and the cost of re-work. This is where using platform services that run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help. Oracle Platform as a Service offerings contain all the software and automation tools you need to deploy and manage software application platform components, without the operational cost overhead. Not only are the PaaS services automatically installed, configured, and deployed, they are automatically patched as updates become available. 

We're are excited to announce that you can now deploy the Java Cloud Service, Database Cloud Service, MySQL service, or Event Hub Service to the enhanced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions in US-West (Phoenix, AZ), US-East (Ashburn, VA) or Europe (Frankfurt, Germany). Deploying to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions is simple and requires only two clicks in the My Services console. One to pick the region from a dropdown, and one to pick the network you want to use. Once you select the options specific to the stack and your environment, provisioning the stack only takes 30 minutes! 

Here's what the deployment process looks like:

  1. Pick the region
2. Pick the network
3. When provisioning completes


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's enhanced regions offer highly available infrastructure ideal for enterprise applications, provide for greater control over the network with features load balancing and DNS, and can be deployed on bare metal or VM compute instances giving you choice and flexibilty. This all adds up to great price-performance for any Weblogic, Oracle Database, MySQL, or Kafka deployment.

All the services are accessible via the Oracle My Services dashboard. And, if you're not already using Oracle Cloud, you can start off with a 30-day/$300 service credit to explore the services.  

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