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Introducing Simple, Unified Billing for Partner Solutions on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Abhiram Annangi
Principal Product Manager - Cloud Marketplace

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace provides a single platform where customers can discover, evaluate, and launch a rich ecosystem of click-to-deploy images and end-to-end solution stacks provided by Oracle and independent software vendor (ISV) partners.

We’re pleased to announce the latest enhancement to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace: the ability to bill on behalf of our partners through the Marketplace. With an Oracle Cloud Marketplace "paid listing" capability, customers can now consume the ISV solutions of their choice and receive a single, consolidated bill for these solutions and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.

A Simplified Customer Experience for Your IT Ecosystem

With this simplified, unified billing experience, customers can now pay for and use ISV partner products that are certified to work on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For this initial launch, US-based customers have the flexibility to pay for these solutions by the hour with no long-term commitments by using Pay-As-You-Go or with Universal Monthly (UCM) Flex credits. In the end, customers receive just a single, consolidated bill. Also, customers can migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with their existing ISV licenses (BYOL) and not pay any additional transactional fees to Oracle. We plan to roll out paid listings to global customers soon.

This enhancement is the latest in a growing list of investments that we’re making in Oracle Cloud Marketplace. We recently released the ability to click-to-launch fully automated solution stacks. Customers can now easily find, deploy, and consume partner and Oracle installer images and Terraform-based stacks within the Marketplace embedded in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. This makes it easier for customers not only to find the solutions that they need, but also to launch fully automated, enterprise-grade ISV solutions directly to their cloud environments. 

This enhancement handles an end-to-end deployment of a partner solution by spinning up a tailored set of fully configured resources for the solution, including compute, network, storage, and any other services that it uses. Customers can launch Marketplace solutions either through the embedded console or programmatically by using REST APIs, SDKs, CLI. They can secure the access to these solutions by using the native integration of Marketplace with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management.

A Broad Selection of Partner Solutions to Get Started

Marketplace provides access to a broad selection of solutions that span several categories, including networking, database, cloud migration, security, Big Data, DevOps, and HPC. Some of these solutions are provided by Oracle, some by our ISV partners. Many customers are already using these solutions in their IT ecosystem, so they expect them when they move to Oracle Cloud. For other customers, these solutions can help extend and augment Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.

The following sections highlight some key ISV partners that are offering solutions in categories that integrate with and are of strategic importance to Oracle Cloud including data management and analytics, security and networking, and enterprise applications.

Data and Analytics 

Partners in this category include Compellon, Couchbase, Kinetica, Pyramid Analytics, Scylla, and Sesame Software.

Read this companion blog post to learn more about the use cases for each of these solutions and how they work with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to deliver data management capabilities for Big Data, analytics, IoT use cases, and more.

Security and Networking

Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers solutions from A10 Networks, Avi Networks (now part of VMware), Aviatrix, Center for Internet Security (CIS), Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, and ShieldIO.

Read this companion blog post to see how these partners can offer advanced networking, security, and data encryption solutions, as well as security-hardened images, to help you manage and control security over your applications running on Oracle Cloud.

Enterprise Applications and Migration

Solutions from partners Blue Prism, Solution-Soft, and Stromasys can help you move your existing enterprise applications to the cloud and build automation into your applications. And if you want to migrate your Oracle Applications from on premises to the cloud, we offer click-to-deploy images and stacks for Oracle Applications that are available only on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Read this companion blog post to learn more.

Why Partner with Oracle?

In addition to simplifying the overall experience for customers, the paid listing enhancement also builds on our investment in our valued ISV partner network. Partners can use Oracle Universal Credits in the Marketplace, which eliminates their need to hunt for a budget. At the same time, they can leverage the competitive advantages that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the least expensive place to run ISV workloads at 2–5 times less cost than on AWS, making the integrated Oracle and partner solution more attractive to collective end-customers. 

In addition, because we built the solution stacks using the open source Terraform framework instead of anything proprietary, partners can reuse their existing scripts to get up and running faster on Marketplace.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also offers partners more white-glove on-boarding assistance, which lowers the barrier to entry and speeds time to market. Partners can tap into Oracle’s install base, which includes more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies using Oracle applications and databases to run their back offices. Marketplace is the starting point for all joint go-to-market activities with Oracle, helping partners grow and nurture their customer base.

We encourage you to sign up for our free trial and give these partner solutions a try. It's easy to click to launch images and stacks, and now you can receive a single consolidated bill for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud Marketplace partner solutions.

If you're attending Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, we invite you to join our session on Oracle Cloud Marketplace on Wednesday, September 18, at 9 a.m. And please check out these sessions with our Oracle Cloud Marketplace partners.

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