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Introducing Oracle Database Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Machines

Vishal Singh
Senior Manager, Product Management

Spin up full-featured Oracle Databases on virtual machines easily in a cost-effective manner on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Today I want to share an exciting enhancement to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service: Oracle Database on virtual machines (VMs). While you have been able to run Oracle Databases on bare metal instances and Exadata for some time, we have heard your requests to run them on virtual machines. Now you can!

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database now enables customers to build, scale, and manage full featured Oracle Databases on virtual machines. The key benefits of running databases on VMs are cost effectiveness, ease of getting started, durable & scalable storage, and the ability to run Real Application Clusters (RAC) to improve availability. RAC databases will run in a single Availability Domain (AD), while ensuring each node is on a separate physical rack ensuring high availability.

The Database service is built on the same high performance, highly available cloud infrastructure as other IaaS offerings and with the addition of VM-support, can serve a range of customer use cases and requirements:

Production deployments: Support for 2-node RAC, VM shapes with up to 16 OCPUs (CPU cores), and storage up to 40 TB, capabilities well-suited for mission-critical production workloads.

Development/Testing: Development teams can have their own dev/test databases created on an as-needed basis.

Proof of Concept: Customers can easily run experiments and evaluations of our service for Database applications. Customers can also try new versions of Oracle Database in separate virtual machine instances before upgrading their original databases.


In addition to bare metal and Exadata, our Database service now offers a number of pre-configured choices with various Oracle editions and versions as ready to provision virtual machines – VM.Standard.1.1, VM.Standard.1.2, VM.Standard.1.4, VM.Standard.1.8, and VM.Standard.1.16.  The virtual machine compute power can be as low as a single core or as many as 16 cores.


Customers can choose any Oracle edition – Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise high performance, or Enterprise Extreme performance along with specific Oracle database versions - 11.2, 12.1, or 12.2. Customers looking for additional reliability and availability can provision a 2-node RAC configuration for any virtual machine shape starting with 2 cores. The databases provisioned are full featured and support all existing tools which the customers are already familiar with.


For VM-based database storage, our service provides a persistent, durable, high performance, and cost-effective remote storage model using our Block Volume service. The Block Volume service is backed with extremely fast NVMe SSDs and customers can select storage capacity from 256GB (712GB with Reco) to 40TB (64TB with Reco) with no downtime when scaling up storage. Storage capacities available to customers are 256GB, 512 GB, 1TB, 2TB, then increments of 2TB to 40TB.


Manageability of the service is easy and flexible. Customers have full root access to their virtual machines, which enables them to operate their database instance using trusted tools such as RMAN, Enterprise Manager, and others.

Pricing & Licensing

Pricing is flexible with both a “Pay as you go” option as well as the Universal Credit model, where Annual/Monthly commit customers will pay discounted rates based on their commitments. Database pricing depends on the selected database edition, number of compute cores, the allocated storage space, and license type. Both License-included as well as Bring your own license (BYOL) models will be supported.

Getting started

Getting started on Database service on VMs is easy using the OCI Console, REST APIs, or CLI. With a few clicks using the console, customers can have an up and running Oracle Database with their choice of number of OCPUs, edition and version in the cloud.

Database on VM is now available in all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enhanced regions. For more details, please see our documentation.

- Vishal Singh, Senior Manager, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vishalsi/


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