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Introducing DNS On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Matt Hoffman
Principal Product Manager

I'm Matt Hoffman, Principal Product Manager of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS and I'm very excited to announce the launch of Domain Name System (DNS) for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform.  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS is based on Oracle Dyn's industry leading authoritative DNS service, and is available immediately in all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Regions, including our newest region, EU-Germany in Frankfurt!


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS is the control plane that steers users to various assets on the internet, efficiently directing user, server, and application connectivity across the World Wide Web. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS quickly translates user-friendly domain names into server- and network-readable addresses to establish Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and web server connections within milliseconds.


Today’s websites are the lifeblood of digital business, responsible for sharing many different types of media, such as: images, audio, video, advertisements, and much more. The typical website receives an average of 170 resource requests per user connection, with each one of these requiring a DNS lookup. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s global DNS network provides fast and consistent service for these requests to guarantee a great user experience for the digital business.


The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS network has been built from the ground up for today’s digital business using carrier-grade standards for resiliency, availability, performance, scale, and security. The network resolves over 1.9 billion DNS queries every hour of every day collecting billions of internet data points to continuously tune, scale, and optimize our network for the best user performance.


This release provides a tightly integrated DNS for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform with features like:


  • A global anycast Domain Name System (DNS) network with 300+ Measurement and Edge locations, delivering high site availability and low latency resulting in a superior end-user experience when connecting to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other network resources

  • Primary and secondary authoritative DNS services for availability of mission-critical resources

  • Integration into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console for setup, configuration, and monitoring provides ease-of-use

  • Common Identity Management for DNS and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services

  • Creation and management of zones and records

  • Total and per zone query reports

  • Built-in DDoS protection to help mitigate attacks



What is the Domain Name System


A DNS request can be compared to looking up the name of a friend in a telephone directory. The telephone directory translates the easy-to-remember name of your friend into the unique, harder-to-remember phone number that will connect you to your friend.


Just enter the domain name (URL) into the browser, (for example, oracle.com). The rest is up to the DNS, which translates the URL into its assigned Internet Protocol (IP) address (for example, Within milliseconds Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS translates the URL into the IP address and connects you to your website, application, or service. This works the same way for every Internet-connected device in the world.  


The Oracle Dyn network offers customers the industry-leading level of service and reliability required for today’s digital business. Check out this Oracle Dyn blog for a more in-depth explanation of the DNS lookup process.


Find out more about how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS can help your enterprise today by visiting https://cloud.oracle.com/iaas.   


Keep an eye out for my next blog where I'll dive deeper into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS to talk about the benefits of an anycast network.


Please contact us for further information.


Matt Hoffman

Principal Product Manager

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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