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Innovation in Edge Services: The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Edge Network

Laurent Gil
Architect, Oracle Internet Intelligence

Moving to the cloud has become an imperative for enterprise organizations, but this migration comes with significant concerns. Oracle knows that components ranging from volatility to security are critical to a successful cloud framework and designed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which works in parallel with edge services, with this specifically in mind.

The edge is where innovation happens. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Edge Compute Network, for example, consists of 40 high-capacity edge compute locations that combine the raw iron performance and governance control of on-premises hardware with the agility and the cost effectiveness of the cloud. The Oracle Dyn Web Application Security platform; the cloud-based, high-capacity DDoS protection platform; DNS; and data intelligence offerings are some of the services that already use the Edge Compute Network.

Why an Edge Compute Network?

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Edge Compute Network is a globally distributed compute capacity network that is used to store and process data before it is pushed to a central cloud repository. This method reduces latency and is ideal for a strong security posture because the process keeps the data close to the source without sending it over the central corporate network. 

Many applications and services are designed to work at the edge, leveraging compute from the devices on which they are accessed, as well as workload on the nearest cloud server. Today, that needs to be just about anywhere to enable business-critical functions. As the capacity of core networks is outstripped by computational intensity, organizations will become more reliant on edge services, servers, and devices themselves to process business logic. Additionally, the number of connected endpoints is growing exponentially, and bandwidth is increasing to accommodate complex data flows.

What Are Edge Services?

Oracle delivers Edge Services securely through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Edge Compute Network. Edge services enable analysis and data gathering at the source, rather than routing that data over the centralized nodes of an organization's network. In the context of network resiliency and security, this means that malicious data that could potentially impact service is processed and mitigated at the edge before it reaches business-critical infrastructure.

Oracle's edge services includes solutions for web application security, DDoS protection, and DNS.

Key features include:

  • Consistent performance: Responds to DNS queries in less than 30 milliseconds worldwide and propagates DNS records in under a minute for dependable performance of applications and digital assets.
  • Vast internet data and experience: Intelligently routes user traffic across the internet control plane by geolocation with low latency, leveraging over 600 collection points that deliver over 240 billion data points collected every day.
  • Proven reliability and security: Global anycast network of multiple data centers, strategically located across multiple continents, that leverages a mix of redundant internet transit providers for ultimate resiliency and protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Managed security: A web application security suite managed 24x7x365 by a team of global cybersecurity experts featuring web application firewall (WAF), bot management, malware protection, and API security solutions.

We believe that the Internet of Things will only continue to grow, and more and more applications and services will work at the edge. This makes reliable, consistently high performing and innovative edge security services ever more imperative.

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