Immutable Data Privacy Protection and Private Data Sharing with 0Chain on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Saswata Basu
CEO and Founder of 0Chain

This post was written by guest author Saswata Basu, CEO and Founder of 0Chain.

Since May 2018, GDPR privacy regulations have been enforced in Europe, and since January 2020, CCPA privacy regulations have been enforced in California. Organizations need an easy way to tackle privacy regulation problems and holistically address their exposure to data breaches. Now there’s a product available from 0Chain that combines privacy compliance with data breach protection.

Facing a Growing Problem

Today, more than ever, organizations of all sizes are experiencing reputational and financial fallout from data breaches. In fact, data breaches have increased a staggering 33% since 2018. Although most businesses are aware of the precedence for good data stewardship, the strategy commonly employed, replication, has its own liabilities.

With replication, data is stored multiple times and in multiple locations—the intent being that when one disk or location has an incident, the data is recoverable from the other. Unfortunately, this tactic alone is often not enough to protect valuable assets, because cyber criminals need to hack only one vulnerable server to enjoy access to a business’s most sensitive data.  

Providing a Better Solution

It’s with these challenges in mind that 0Chain, an industry leader in data privacy and breach protection, is proud to partner with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to provide Oracle Cloud customers with an immutable data protection and private data sharing platform.

Now deployable directly from the Marketplace on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, 0Chain gives Oracle Cloud customers ownership and control of their sensitive data. 0Chain protects data by distributing it across servers with cryptographic keys registered on the blockchain, so that a hacker must have all the keys for all the servers to gain access.

Not only is this architecture extremely fault tolerant—the servers can be located in different buildings and in separate locations—it’s also essentially impossible to breach. Because the keys are on the blockchain, it records all activities. If an attempted breach occurs, those activities are immutable and readily available for forensics, dispute resolution, and fraud investigation.

Diagram that compares replication with OChain's architecture.

Figure 1: A Comparison of Replication with 0Chain’s Immutable Data Protection Architecture

0Chain Benefits

0Chain provides Oracle Cloud customers with the following benefits:

  • Continuously protect against breaches
  • Automate data compliance
  • Securely share data with a third party
  • Eliminate liability costs

In addition, 0Chain's feature set enables customers to perform the following tasks:

  • Search data activities on blockchain easily with a file name or a user name
  • Upload and share data from an intuitive web interface
  • Use a CLI and SDK to customize features, including automatic synchronization and batch upload for backing up enterprise endpoints
  • Deploy with no code development required from the user

Try It Now

Are you ready to extend immutable data privacy protection and private data sharing from 0Chain to your Oracle Cloud environment? 0Chain is available as a Free Listing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace. Visit the Marketplace listing to learn more!

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  • anthony buffett Saturday, May 2, 2020
    Excellent post about 0chain value proposition. Following this project since last year.
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