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How to Successfully Prepare for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate Exam – Robert Ronan

Greg Hyman
Principal Program Manager - OCI Certification

As part of our series of interviews with Oracle employees, partners, and customers who have successfully passed the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate exam, we recently interviewed Robert Ronan of Oracle.

Robert Ronan is the Principal Outbound Product Manager for the Small and Medium Business segment and Oracle Digital accounts for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, where he has worked for the past year. He has over 19 years of industry experience and previously worked for Rackspace, Cisco, and law and financial firms. His background ranges from Sales Engineering to Solution Architecture to various leadership roles.

Greg: Robert, how did you prepare for the certification?

Robert: I'd like to say it took me months to prepare, but I really spent about two weeks focusing on the exam. Being an Oracle employee and able to leverage my tenancy was a tremendous perk. For non-Oracle employees, I strongly recommend signing up for a free account to get your own tenancy to practice with while preparing for the exam. I also used the study guide and reviewed the practice test to gauge my readiness. I took the practice test to identify my deficiencies. If I got an item incorrect, I read up on the topic and retook the practice test. The available documentation was quite good.

Greg: How was your experience taking the test through Pearson VUE?

Robert: I signed up for the Pearson VUE Online Proctor option, which gave me the option to take the test in a location of my choice. I decided to take the test at my workplace, but I encountered issues with the test delivery because of my corporate firewall. I was able to find a workaround, but it was something unexpected that added stress to an already stressful situation. Just be aware that a corporate firewall will block access for an online proctored exam delivery!

Also, I wanted to let your readers know that while the convenience of an online proctor is great, do not think that it makes for a more comfortable environment. When taking the test, there is a thumbnail video of you in one of the corners. This was distracting to me for the first 30 minutes before I was able to completely ignore it. So, there’s no doubt that the proctor is monitoring you to ensure the legitimacy of your test delivery!

Greg: How is life after getting certified?

Robert: My immediate team has earning the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification as an objective. So I was ecstatic when I passed. I felt that this was a very challenging exam, so passing it removed a major weight off my shoulders. You need to understand the concepts well to answer the questions correctly; you need to be able to identify the incorrect answers because you will not be able to guess the correct answer.

Studying for the test and earning the certification has made a lot of the knowledge more top-of-mind for me. Now I feel more comfortable talking about the solutions that we're engaging with customers on every day. This has significantly increased my knowledge of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Greg: Any other advice you’d like to share?

Robert: I’m going to share the same advice that my manager gave to me: allocate dedicated study time to get this done. I took a solid 16 hours per week to focus on preparing for the exam.


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Greg Hyman
Principal Program Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certification
Twitter: @GregoryHyman
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