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How I passed the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Certified Associate exam

Are you certified for your technology knowledge yet? I recently completed the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Foundations 2020 Certified Associate exam, an entry-level certificate demonstrating my command of the core concepts and terminologies of a cloud platform, such as Identity Access Management (IAM), virtual cloud networks (VCNs), compute, and storage services. Read on for my tips on passing.

But why should you get a certificate like this one? In preparing for it, you expand your knowledge and validate your skills to appeal to employers. You also improve your salary prospects, and it’s proven that technology certificate holders do earn more than non-certified colleagues. You perform complex, hands-on activities through lab, study, and practice sessions, and you’re exposed to various features, functions, and tasks to use on the job.

Proven tips

Here’s how I passed the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundation’s 2020 Certified Associate exam, and how you can too.

Step one: Sign up for the Oracle Learning Path. Go through the video lectures and take the practice exam until you know every answer.

When you’ve done that, if you’re like me, you might think, “I’m golden! Let me take this exam. It can’t be that hard.” I did that, and I did not pass. Because it’s best not to use the proctored exam as a practice session, I suggest that you take the following methodical approach.

Get your free Oracle Cloud trial, and follow a beginner-level tutorial at the Learning Library on Oracle’s GitHub repo that lets you set up a cloud instance, play around with the command-line shell, and feel like a code ninja. This workshop helps you in understanding IAM, setting up VCNs, creating a Compute instance, and using various forms of storage. When you’ve practiced everything and given your brain some time to marinate in the cloud knowledge, you can either go in-person to a testing center or use online proctoring through Pearson VUE.

Surprising rewards

So, you’ve passed. Is it worth it? At any of the new cloud native conferences like Kubecon, every brand name company that you’ve ever heard of is scrambling to find the talent to build and describe these technologies. In fact, at this KubeCon 2020’s virtual event, there was an entire keynote about the value of certifications, along with a new Kubernetes Administrator certification that involves live coding.

For many of us, silly things like badges, certificates, diplomas, and checkmarks give a dopamine hit. You might know people who play the academic game well and keep going back for more degrees, although these days, that’s an expensive pastime. This method is much easier and cheaper! Not only that, you leave with better solutions for your job tasks and insights into the vast new frontier of online learning. You might be inspired to build the next cloud native education platform!