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Expanded features now available for partners listing on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Srikanth Mandava
Director, Product Development (Oracle Cloud Marketplace)

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal allows partners to create an image, stack artifacts, and publish their listings to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) customers can access an ecosystem of click-to-deploy images and end-to-end solution stacks, provided by Oracle and independent software vendor (ISV) partners. Embedded in the OCI Console, Marketplace fully automates the deployment of essential applications directly in the customer’s cloud environment by deploying a set of fully configured resources for the solution, including compute, network, storage, and any other services that it uses.

We now offer new features for partners to enhance the Marketplace experience for OCI customers.

Marketplace Image snapshot feature saves time for OCI Customers

Oracle Cloud Marketplace has launched the image snapshot feature for Marketplace images. Partners can select Allow Snapshot from the artifact creation page. With this option, OCI customers use Marketplace images to take a snapshot and save configured instances for future use without rebuilding from scratch every time.

A screenshot of the Create Artifact page with the option to allow snapshots underlined in red.
Figure 1. Enable image snapshot from the Artifact creation page

Shape selection enables partners to select any Compute shape for their images

Oracle Cloud Marketplace has also launched the shape selection feature for Marketplace images. Until now, partners could only select compatible shapes that they enabled in their tenancy. Any change in compatible shapes required an operational ticket with the Marketplace team. The shape selection feature allows partners to easily select and change compatible shapes on their Marketplace images artifact creation page in the Partner Portal. You can set all available OCI Compute shapes on the image. This feature improves self-service for partners selecting shapes and reduces the time required for publishing a listing.

A screenshot of the Compatible Shapes section of the Artifacts page.
Figure 2. Selecting compatible shapes from the Artifacts page

Private listings allow partners to share their listings with specified tenancies

Finally, Oracle Cloud Marketplace has launched private listings, which allow partners to publish listings to a restricted set of tenancies. This setting ensures that only customers in the specified OCI tenancies can browse or launch these listings in the Oracle Marketplace. When partners publish their listing as private, they can enable the option Limit access of the listing to specified tenancies and enter a list of tenancies. So, partners can easily share their listings with only a targeted set of customers while protecting their IP. Partners also now have the flexibility to publish their listings to a limited set of tenancies first to test the listing before making it available publicly in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

A screenshot of the Publish Listing as Private window on the Listings page of the Partner Portal.
Figure 3. Publish a private listing restricted to a set of OCI tenancies

These features improve the Marketplace Partner Portal publishing experience. With a single click, partners can enable their image listings to be snapshotted by OCI customers and further create other custom images. This improvement makes Marketplace offers more usable by OCI customers. The private listing feature allows partners to publish their listings to a smaller set of OCI tenancies and gather feedback before making it widely available.

Getting started

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace team is continuously working to improve the customer and partner experience. These new features allow partners to better market their images and stacks across the OCI customer user base. Whether you’re a Marketplace partner with a deployable listing or are interested in learning more, we encourage you to join the quarterly Oracle Cloud Marketplace webcast on January 14. There, leaders from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Product Management and Engineering review new and upcoming capabilities and demo enhancements to the Partner Portal.

Looking to become an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher? Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started.

Are you interested in learning about other recent enhancements to the partner experience? Learn more about Better Marketplace Listings with CI/CD.

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