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Don Johnson
SVP of Product Development
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Announcing enhanced database, compute, private connectivity capabilities on Oracle Cloud Platform

It’s easy to move from one place to another when you’re younger. There’s typically fewer people depending on you. You haven’t invested in buying a home. You are not spending time in local government or on the board of other community institutions. It gets a lot harder to move, unencumbered, when you have more investments and responsibilities.

The same holds true for enterprises. Only some enterprise applications can be replaced with SaaS, refactored, or built anew. Many other application workloads must be maintained, rehosted (e.g. migrated intact), or replatformed (e.g. migrated and adapted to the new environment).

Today, we’re announcing new services and enhancements to the Oracle Platform that make it easier to move or build enterprise applications to the cloud. There’s Oracle Database Cloud Service with even more bare metal horsepower, combined with proven RAC reliability – just sign up and launch it. There’s fast and flexible private networking into the cloud you’ve just launched – in 1Gb and 10Gb increments. And we’re announcing broader support for operating systems, including Windows Server, to host all your applications.

Let’s dig into how each of these enhancements impact your technology and cloud strategy.

If you’re like ICAT, a midsized insurance business, the enhancements enable you to take a mission-critical application to the cloud, and exceed the performance of your on-premises environment. Add to that, infrastructure level reliability you never had before, simply by selecting an option on a dropdown menu. No second colo. No five-year depreciation curve.

ICAT depends on their online quoting application to generate qualified leads and business. They’ve been running it on-premises, on Oracle Database, for years. Oracle Cloud Platform gave them a new option. They tested import and export performance: Oracle Cloud was faster than on-prem. They checked out the availability: they now had access to three physically independent, but highly interconnected sites, instead of one. Most critically, they could deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters, with a few clicks. RAC has been a go-to technology for on-premises production environments for years. And now ICAT can have it in our next generation IaaS.

If you’re like Penn State University’s Institute for CyberScience, you’re moving terabytes of data over your networks every day. Researchers are crunching a growing number of intensive workloads on your infrastructure. But that on-premises supercomputer you bought and configured is at 100% utilization. Enter the cloud for HPC (High Performance Computing). Enter Oracle FastConnect private network connectivity. PSU first proved that our bare metal compute instances were equal to their on-premises computing power, enabling their researchers to “burst” to the Oracle Cloud for single- and multi-core jobs. Now they plan to leverage the dedicated throughput of FastConnect to securely move data and results between their on-premises networks and the cloud. HPC has always been a proving ground for the most advanced computing technologies (e.g. parallel computing and distributed storage) and processes (e.g. job scheduling and mass compute orchestration), so PSU is an interesting case study of what’s possible in the cloud.

Finally, if you’re like Darling Ingredients, you run a combination of Windows Server and Linux for your enterprise applications. You need cloud-based Oracle Database, as well as fast connectivity between the cloud and your end users. We’ve added native images for Microsoft Windows Server, Ubuntu, and CentOS, and are supporting “bring your own image” for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The combination of this broader OS support, and stronger database and connectivity options, makes it easier for our customers to move their applications and IT to the Oracle Cloud. 

Migrating applications is key part of an enterprise cloud strategy, and this announcement takes another significant step towards making it feasible. Interested in more detail? Check out our technology community for more specifics on each of these database, compute, and networking enhancements.

We’re passionate about our platform and about your success. Click here to learn more and to get started online. You can also contact your Oracle representative and ask for Oracle IaaS.

- Don

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