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Database Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure blog series

Rohit Chandok
Cloud Architect at OCI Development

This post is the home page for the “Database Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure” blog series, which includes the following posts related to database migration. Use these posts as building blocks for various migration approaches. Many customers are in the process of database migration, so we start with a checklist of things to consider and then will regularly add short topical posts including data transfer best practices, configurations using backups, migrations using backups, and encryption.

Use this post to help you evaluate and plan for the migration of your databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, based on the unique requirements of your source and target databases.

When you want to transfer database backups to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, use this post to help you plan and estimate the transfer.

Backups are an integral part of any migration, and this is also true when you are planning for your database migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Use this post to help you with the planning and consumption of your backups for your database migration.

This post provides reference steps to help you enable Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in Oracle Database container databases (CDBs) and pluggable databases (PDBs), and to encrypt tablespaces online or offline.

This post provides reference steps to help you migrate Oracle Database from on premises or from other cloud providers or from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database (DBaaS) by using RMAN backup sets to achieve minimal downtime.