Cross-Region Boot Volume Backups for Instance Disaster Recovery, Migration, and Expansion

Max Verun
Principal Product Manager

We’re excited to announce that you can now copy boot volume backups of your compute instances between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions.

This new capability follows our prior announcement of cross-region block volume backups. Together, they provide a complete solution for comprehensive application and data protection in the cloud, including the easy recovery of compute instances across regions. Cross-region backup copy for the boot volumes of your compute instances and block storage volumes enhances the following aspects for your business:

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity: By copying volume backups to another region at a regular interval, you can rebuild applications and data in another region if a region-wide disaster occurs.
  • Migration and expansion: You can easily migrate and expand your applications to another region.

This capability is provided at no additional cost to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers beyond the cost of the amount of block storage, object storage, and outbound data transfer consumed by the remote copy, as listed on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure pricing page. It's available in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, API, CLI, SDK, and Terraform.

Copying a boot volume backup to another region is straightforward in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. The following steps show how to copy a backup across regions and how to restore volume content from a backup in another region.

  1. In the Boot Volume Backup details section of the console, for the boot volume that needs to be copied to another region, click Copy to Another Region.

  2. Specify a name for the backup and the destination region, and click Copy Boot Volume Backup.

  3. Confirm the backup copy settings.

  4. In the Console, go to the destination region and verify that the backup is available in that region.

    Now you can restore from the backup in the destination region by creating a new volume from the backup.

  5. From the actions menu (three dots) for the backup in the destination region, select Create Boot Volume.

  6. Enter a name for the restored volume, provide the necessary parameters, and then click Create Boot Volume.

  7. In the Boot Volumes section on the destination region, verify that the restored boot volume is available.

We want you to experience these new features and all the enterprise-grade capabilities that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers. It’s easy to try them with our US$300 free credit. For more information, see the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Getting Started guide, and the Block Volumes service overview, documentation, and FAQ.

Watch for announcements about additional features and capabilities in this space. We value your feedback as we continue to enhance our capabilities and make our service the best in the industry. Let us know how we can continue to improve or if you want more information about any topic.

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