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Create Resource Manager Configuration and State Files by Discovering Existing Compartment Resources

Gaurav Jain
Product Lead, Developer Experience

We’re excited to announce the Resource Discovery feature for Resource Manager. You can now use Resource Manager to discover deployed resources in your compartment and export them to Terraform configuration and state files.

Last year, we introduced this functionality for Terraform Provider. Now, by using it in Resource Manager, you can even more easily move from a Console- or SDK-managed infrastructure to an infrastructure managed by the Resource Manager.

Use Cases and Benefits

The new feature provides the following benefits:

  • Move from manually managed infrastructure to infrastructure managed by Resource Manager: Users often use the Console to build out their initial infrastructure. As the infrastructure grows in scale and complexity, it becomes evident that it would be better to manage it programmatically. Using this new feature, you can generate baseline Terraform configuration and state files, and manage the infrastructure by using the Resource Manager.

  • Duplicate or rebuild existing infrastructure: By creating Terraform configuration files, you can re-create existing infrastructure architecture in a new tenancy or region.

  • Get started with Terraform: If you’re new to Terraform, you can refer to the generated configuration to learn about Terraform’s HCL syntax and how to represent Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources in HCL.

Getting Started

  1. In the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console main menu, select Resource Manager and then Stacks.

    A screenshot that shows the main menu in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, with Resource Manager and Stacks selected.

  2. Click Create Stack.

    A screenshot that shows the Create Stack button on the main Resource Manager pages.

  3. Select Existing Compartment and provide the necessary information.

    A screenshot that shows the first page of the Create Stack workflow, with Existing Compartment selected and a compartment specified.

  4. Complete the workflow to create the stack and the Terraform configuration and state files required to manage the infrastructure. You can download the configuration file, make changes to it, and upload a new version.

    A screenshot that shows the Stack Information details page. The link for downloading the Terraform Configuration zip file is highlighted.


For detailed information about the feature, see the following topics:

If you’re new to the Resource Manager, see the following resources to get started:

If you have any feedback or questions about Resource Manager, send us an email.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Sajid Hussain Tuesday, February 16, 2021
    Hi Gaurav,
    I tried creating stack capturing existing configuration from file storage. But it didn't capture snapshots under that file system.
    Is there an option to grab file system snapshots and clones details in tf file.
  • Neil Davis Tuesday, March 9, 2021
    Sajid, when terraform imports a configuration, for example a vm, it will only capture the ocid of the image used to provision the virtual machine. That is, any changes you have made would to the OS configuration are not captured.
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