Console Experience Enhancements Unite IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

Amy Kemp
Principal Product Manager

The Oracle Cloud User and Developer Experience team is proud to announce the next suite of usability enhancements for Oracle Cloud. Earlier this year, we shared how we’re improving the user experience for the IaaS and PaaS console. We’re continuing to make it easier for you to manage all your Oracle Cloud services—whether they be IaaS, PaaS, and now SaaS—from a single login. This post describes some of the latest user experience updates.

Integrated Navigation to PaaS Services

Our best enhancement yet is providing integrated access to all of your IaaS services, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic, and PaaS services from the main Console navigation. You can log in to the Console home page, locate your IaaS or PaaS service from the navigation menu, and go directly to the console for that service, eliminating the need to go to My Services first.

Improved Experience for Managing Access to PaaS Services 

We’ve simplified the process for granting access to end users who are managing PaaS services and instances. Administrators can now easily perform these actions within the Console, including sending an access email to end users by using a prepopulated template. 

Access to the Oracle Cloud Applications (SaaS) Console

If you use multiple Oracle Cloud services, including SaaS, accessing those services is now as easy as clicking a link. If you use federated Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), you can use this simple path. If you have a traditional cloud account, you still need to log in to access your applications, but the link is easy to find.

The Applications Console now has a look-and-feel that is consistent with the IaaS/PaaS Console. We are on a journey to unite our consoles across all Oracle Cloud services, so several menus and options are now aligned to ensure that you have a consistent experience.

Enhanced Cost Analysis and Invoices

Usage and billing information for your PaaS services are now available in the Cost Analysis dashboard. You can now keep up with all IaaS and PaaS costs and consumption from a single pane.

Invoices for the last 12 months are now available as PDF files directly from the Console. Many of you asked for this enhancement, and we’re excited to launch it. These invoices are identical to what you receive today, now available to download and share with your accounting team.

Enhanced Service Announcements

We’ve enhanced how we deliver service-related announcements directly in the Console. In addition to notifications for your IaaS services, announcements relevant to your PaaS and SaaS products will also be available from an easy-to-read banner on the Console homepage.  

The link takes you to the list of notifications, including general maintenance, actions required, and important events.

We’re excited to release these improvements, and we appreciate your support. As you can see, we take your feedback and build it into our ongoing roadmap of user experience enhancements, so please keep it coming.

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