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Cloud Wars: Arrival of Block Volume Clones

Max Verun
Principal Product Manager

At Oracle Cloud Infrastructure we continue to innovate our best-in-class Block Volumes offering based on your feedback and feature requests. Today, I am excited to announce you can now clone a block volume in seconds!

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the first, and only, leading public cloud provider that supports block storage cloning. Oracle Block Volumes clone is a point-in-time direct disk-to-disk deep copy of an entire volume. It is different than snapshot as there is no copy-on-write or dependency to the source volume.

Up until now, public cloud customers have endured a complex and time consuming process to duplicate block storage for their development, test or production environments. Most public cloud providers offer block storage backup and restore as a workaround, but this can be costly as customers are billed not only for the original and restored volumes, but also for the storage used for making a copy of the original volume. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has taken a different approach to this problem - you can now clone any block volume regardless of its size, in a matter of seconds, without the associated costs and hassle of the backup and restore process.

Clones enable you to quickly and easily create an identical copy of a block volume without having to first create a backup. While the cloned volume is being created or accessed, the original volume is not impacted in any way. You can clone any existing block volume, regardless of whether it is attached to a compute instance or not. You can even create multiple clones of a block volume simultaneously! 

Block volume cloning enables you to address a number of scenarios. For example, if you're running an application like Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, or JD Edwards, you can use it to quickly create multiple dev/test copies of your production environments, so you can troubleshoot problems, or test out configuration changes without impacting production. You can also quickly scale out an existing environment in case you need more capacity to run a monthly report, handle an increase in usage, or create a disaster recovery environment in another region before a big hurricane strikes. A typical Oracle E-Business Suite application may have a 1TB block volume. Cloning and attaching to a dev/test instance takes a few seconds, while a full backup and restore would take several hours.

This capability is available to you on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console with a few clicks, and with CLI and SDK support.

Name your clone:

And off you go... Within a few seconds you get a clone that is available to attach and use for your workloads.

We want you to experience the new block volume clone feature and all the enterprise grade capabilities the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers. It’s easy to take advantage of these capabilities with $300 free credit at the Oracle Store. For additional information, see the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Getting Started Guide and Block Volumes Service.

We strive to bring value to our customers by listening to their feedback. Clone capability for block volumes is an example of responding to your feedback. Keep on the lookout for additional features and capabilities in this space. I, and the rest of the Oracle team, value your feedback as we continue to make our service the best in the industry. Send me your thoughts on how we can continue to improve or if you want more details on any topic.

Max Verun

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