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Click-to-Launch Solution Stacks with Marketplace to the Oracle Cloud

Andrew Reichman
Director of Product Management

Oracle is excited to announce that you can now launch fully automated solution templates or stacks directly from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment. This ability is a key enhancement to our third-party software marketplace for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

With stacks, you can evaluate, select, and deploy end-to-end solutions from our partners that are validated to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and are supported by the partner. Partners are working closely with us to create fully automated solution templates that build optimal environments for their solutions to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. All you need to do is enter the parameters for your implementation and press go. The tool spins up a tailored set of fully configured resources for the solution, including compute, network, storage, and any other services that it uses.

With this new capability, Oracle technology partners can bring their solutions to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and enable one-click deployment of complete customer environments on our cloud. Because we chose to build the automation on the widely adopted open source Terraform framework instead of a proprietary platform, partners can use their existing scripts to get up and running faster. In the upcoming months, we’ll make dozens of new solution stacks available, making the enterprise-class performance and scale of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure more easily usable for a range of enterprise solutions.

We’ve worked closely with some of our best technology partners to predesign the environments to support their solutions. Automating the deployment experience enables you to eliminate the guesswork and shorten your time to solution. On the business side, stacks in Oracle Cloud Marketplace bring together all the contracts, terms, and conditions that each customer has agreed to with their external vendors. This centralization simplifies our use of these offerings and ensures that you know exactly what you signed up for and what you can expect from it. With our clear focus on enabling enterprise cloud use with an open mix of Oracle and third-party solutions, this addition to the services we provide to you is great news.

Fortinet, a longtime Oracle partner and a leader in enterprise network security, is the first partner whose solution is natively integrated now in stacks. We’re happy to make it easier for you to choose Fortinet to help secure the key workloads that you run in our cloud. With security being such a critical aspect of successful enterprise cloud deployments, by having a broad portfolio of natively integrated solutions for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Fortinet offers as an easy option for customers to confidently deploy any workload on the Oracle Cloud. Together, Oracle and Fortinet have developed a cloud security HA reference architecture based on the solution stack. Whether our customers choose Fortinet because they require specific features, or because it’s just what they are used to, we are delighted to give our customers streamlined access to what they want.  

A long list of partners will be coming online in Oracle Cloud Marketplace with solution stacks of their own. Check back often to see what’s available, or let us know if you have a partner that you want to see enabled.

For more information about how to launch stacks in practice, see the Marketplace documentation.

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