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Click to Launch Images by Using the Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Bruce Burns
Sr. Director

At Oracle, our mission is to enable your business transformation by migrating and modernizing your most demanding enterprise workloads onto the cloud without rearchitecting them. Our development efforts for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are focused on this primary objective. We also know that to support your critical system-of-record workloads effectively with the least amount of rearchitecture, you require supporting applications from a broad range of vendors that surround, secure, and extend your core enterprise workloads. To that end, we want to dramatically simplify how you find, learn about, and launch both Oracle and third-party applications from our Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Announcing the General Availability of Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Today, I’d like to announce the general availability of our Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We introduced this feature at OpenWorld San Francisco in October 2018, and we’re proud to make it available to our cloud customers effective immediately.

Embedding the Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives you ready access to security solutions from Fortinet and Check Point, DevOps solutions from Bitnami, and high-performance computing (HPC) workload management tools from Altair. If you’re an Oracle Applications customer, you can easily find and “click to launch” the automated lift and shift, provisioning, and lifecycle management tools for Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft. The best part is that you can launch any of these applications directly on your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute instance, which dramatically reduces deployment times to minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks.

Next, I’d like to highlight some of the innovative and unique solutions that we have in the Marketplace, and take you through some of their use cases.

Enhance Security with Solutions That You Know

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is dedicated to offering you a secure cloud. We ensure the security of our cloud through our infrastructure architecture. We also enable you to choose the level of isolation and security controls that you need to run your most important workloads securely.

We know that enterprise customers have implemented security and networking systems for their on-premises data centers and governance frameworks. Because we want to help you modernize your critical workloads by moving them to our cloud without massive rearchitecture work, we want to make it easier for you to use popular security solutions from third-party providers that you already know and trust.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has supported integration with leading virtual firewall solutions from Fortinet and Check Point for some time. However, deployment used to require several steps, including importing or running setup into a running instance and then creating custom images. In fact, we wrote blog posts to help guide our customers through those steps.

Now, turnkey images for Fortinet's FortiGate-VM NGFW, FortiADC (load balancing), FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager solutions, and Check Point’s CloudGuard IaaS NGFW are available on the Marketplace. You can quickly launch these images to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment by using the Console. You can select the image of choice, click “Launch Instance”, and the GUI will guide you through deployment. It's as easy as that.

Lior Cohen, Senior Director of Cloud Security Products and Solutions at Fortinet, talks about the impact of enabling customers to easily launch turnkey solutions via the embedded Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. "More and more enterprises are shifting their critical production workloads to hyperscale IaaS cloud vendors like Oracle. Because of the demands of today’s digital marketplace, it’s crucial for those customers to be able to instantly launch solutions that can secure and efficiently deliver applications at the speed their users expect. Rapid and simplified access to essential tools, like our award-winning FortiGate next-generation firewall security solution, equips organizations with the breadth of protection and confidence needed to migrate even their most critical enterprise applications. With just a few clicks, customers can launch and use our award-winning firewall and application delivery controller solutions, enabling them to secure critical applications in minutes."

Launch E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, Available Only with Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed and optimized to run Oracle Applications such as E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft. These solutions help run the back offices of leading enterprises worldwide. Companies that depend on these applications, but demand the benefits of cloud, choose to modernize by running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which offers better performance, lower price, and higher-availability options, including RAC and Exadata, that cannot be found with any other cloud.

For example, E-Business Suite Cloud Manager and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager help automate provisioning and facilitate lifecycle management for these application environments in our cloud. And these solutions are unique to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They offer application modernization capabilities to facilitate migrations from on-premises environments to the cloud. They also provide intuitive UIs so that you can define your topologies and create templates for more streamlined deployments. Finally, these web-based solutions enable you to subscribe to the latest updates and stay current with the latest images, improving your security.

Both solutions are now available through the Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, where you can click to launch the latest E-Business Suite Cloud Manager and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager images.

For more information on E-Business Suite Cloud Manager, check out their blog.

Click to Launch DevOps Tools

Building on Oracle’s commitment to support open standards through our Oracle Cloud Native Framework, the new Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also makes it easier for DevOps practitioners to launch the following images:

By simplifying how software development teams access solutions to build, test, and deploy the latest cloud native innovations, we’re supporting our customers’ ability to innovate and respond to changing business requirements.

“For enterprises running open source, it is critical that they choose a trusted, secure, up-to-date version,” said Pete Catalanello, Bitnami Vice President of Business Development and Sales. “By adding Bitnami certified solutions such as Jenkins and Redmine to its Marketplace, Oracle is helping DevOps to add agility and best practices to their processes.”

Making HPC Solutions Accessible to Engineers

Oracle continues to deliver on our vision to make the power of supercomputing readily accessible to every engineer and scientist. Historically, enterprise HPC workloads have remained on-premises because they require specialized technology and demand high, consistent performance that wasn’t possible or was too cost prohibitive on cloud infrastructure.

At Oracle, we're challenging you to bring your most demanding HPC applications to our cloud. Not only do we offer bare metal GPUs based on cutting-edge technology and enable clustered networking to deliver single-digit microsecond latency, we also partner with innovators like Altair to offer easy access to their market-leading HPC workload management solution, Altair PBS Works™.

Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technical Officer for Enterprise Solutions at Altair talks about teaming up with Oracle on the new Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Organizations all over the world depend on Altair PBS Works to simplify the administration of their largest and most complex clusters and supercomputing environments,” said Mahalingam. “Many of our customers are smaller organizations that need HPC solutions that are easy to adopt and use. Partnering with Oracle and offering Altair PBS Professional™, the flagship product of the PBS Works suite, through the new Marketplace delivers on our joint mission of making HPC more accessible.”

We’ll continue to add partner solutions to our Marketplace. If there are any third-party solutions that you just can’t live without, we welcome your comments to this post as we continue to build out our ecosystem of solutions for you.

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