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  • April 25, 2020

Changes to Windows Instance pricing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Ross Brown
VP Product Go-To-Market

When Oracle entered the world of hyperscale cloud services, we built a next generation cloud service to efficiently run all our customers’ IT workloads and projects. Because we design for our customers’ business needs first, we must excel at running a variety of server operating systems in our cloud, including technology from our competitors who are now also our partners and suppliers.

Microsoft Windows Server instances represent a sizable part of our cloud today. They host entire business applications, and they run the web layers for workloads with or without the app and database tier also on Windows Server. One of the challenges of offering compute instances that run commercial operating systems like Windows Server (compared to open source operating systems like Linux) is that we are subject to software licensing changes from other companies. Microsoft has increased its prices for the Windows Server licenses that are required for us to deliver Windows Server instances to customers of our cloud, so it’s with regret that we’re raising our prices on these instances. This increase will align our surcharge for Windows Server (over comparable Linux-based instances) with that from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud (when their Windows instance pricing goes up next month).

The good news is that the design and operating efficiency of Oracle Cloud still lets us offer materially lower prices for Windows Server instances running on Intel or AMD virtual machine or bare metal instances than AWS or Microsoft themselves1.

We’re doing more than ever with Microsoft these days. Our customers are running Windows Server based workloads in our cloud, and we’re helping our joint customers build solutions that span both our clouds. We have no intention of slowing down that momentum. We’ll continue to partner with our customers to build powerful and reliable cloud solutions across our own software and software that our customers choose.

For any customers or partners that will be negatively impacted by this change in Windows Server pricing, we encourage you to talk to your account team about ways to optimize your solution and choose the options that fit best. If you’re new to Oracle Cloud and want to experience our Gen 2 Cloud with a Windows Server instance, we encourage you to give it a try with our trial accounts that provide US$300 of user credits.

1Comparison based on data as of April 25, 2020:


CPU Cores


Price Per Hour

Oracle VM.Standard2.1


15 GB


AWS r5.large

1 (2 vCPU)

16 GB


Azure E2 v3

1 (2 vCPU)

16 GB


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