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Bacula Enterprise Integrates Natively with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Gilson Melo
Director of Product Management

In an exciting addition to the Oracle Cloud ecosystem, Bacula Enterprise now connects natively to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Bacula is a highly scalable, modular enterprise backup and recovery solution that has a wide range of features designed for medium and large organizations. What makes this latest development for Oracle Cloud even more interesting is that Bacula offers unique cloud interaction tools. For example, with Bacula you can perform the following tasks:

  • Back up and restore data to and from Oracle Cloud by using either command line or BWeb (GUI) interfaces.

  • Manage network bandwidth when transferring backup data to Oracle Cloud, which ensures that your backup doesn't monopolize your network.

  • Perform and manage concurrent, asynchronous uploads and downloads of backup data from Oracle Cloud.

  • Employ multiple-bucket support in a single storage daemon. By providing the ability to configure each bucket to suit the user’s personal needs, Bacula Enterprise pushes the boundaries of customization and flexibility far beyond its competitors.

  • Use Bacula’s unique disk-caching system to recover and restore specific files with extreme speed.

These special cloud management tools provide data center managers with new levels of control and integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The tools are part of Bacula’s backup software feature set that works on entire physical and virtual environments, regardless of architecture—all from a single platform.

Bacula’s ability to interoperate with databases, virtual environments, and practically any type of storage destination (VTLs, disk, tape, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and so on), coupled with the absence of data volume-related charges, gives you an opportunity to simplify and modernize your backup and recovery strategy while cutting costs. The following diagram provides an overview of Bacula Enterprise's wider feature set:

To get started, explore Bacula’s free trial software and videos.