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Announcing VGA Console support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Machines

Gilson Melo
Director of Product Management

VGA Console support is now available for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Linux and MS Windows Virtual Machines (VMs). VGA Console, also known as VNC Console, enables you to access your VM even without a network connection. It's like plugging a keyboard, mouse and monitor into your server - something you're used to in your on-premises datacenter – and is useful in several scenarios:

  • troubleshooting issues in your cloud instances without network communication

  • wrong firewall rules blocking external and internal access

  • connecting into your Windows instance in a private network without public access

  • troubleshooting an imported or customized image that does not complete a successful boot

  • verifying why a previously working instance stopped responding 

  • gives Windows users a way to access their instances without exposing RDP to the internet

  • anything else that requires you to connect directly into your instance without network access

Creating the Instance Console Connection

The process to create a VNC connection to an instance is easy, and also explained in public documentation. 

Before you can connect to the serial console or VNC console, you need to create the instance console connection. To create the console connection for an instance:

Once the Console Connection has been created click on the ellipsis and choose "Connect with VNC".

Choose your platform and run the command in the terminal. On Mac or Linux Desktops, you can run the below command line in the terminal. Microsoft Windows users will need to install Putty or Plink first.

This establishes a secure SSH tunnel for VNC. Open your favorite VNC client and connect to localhost:5900. This will work on any virtual machine instance launched after October 13th, 2017.

Linux Virtual Machine

MS Windows virtual machine

Check Oracle Cloud Infrastructure public documentation for additional details.

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