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Announcing the general availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights

Ashish Agrawal
Director, Product Management

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights.

Oracle Operations Insights enables business executives, DevOps, database, and IT administrators to make informed, data-driven database resource and performance management decisions. Operations Insights is part of the Oracle Cloud Observability and Management platform.

Operations Insights is designed to help you prevent potential outages in your key applications by forecasting common problems before they happen, so that you can take preventative remediation action. Specifically, the service provides deep insight into capacity needs, resource utilization and SQL performance trends by collecting and storing up to twenty-five months of operational telemetry. Then it uses applied machine learning to analyze that telemetry. The output of the analysis, provided through advanced visualizations and notifications, helps with capacity planning, optimizing resource utilization and maximizing application performance.

Operations Insights can prevent two common types of issues using the out-of-the-box insights provided.

Ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to key databases

The first technique to prevent outages is avoiding impending resource contention issues. The capacity planning app allows you to analyze and forecast database resource consumption using long-term historic data and machine learning. You can optimize resource use by identifying and managing over- and underutilized servers and moving workloads or adjusting resource allocations to maximize future performance. Precomputed 30- and 90-day utilization forecasts, top five lists, and max and average usage trends enable you to quickly figure out where to focus your efforts. The capacity planning app is available to you at no charge when used with Oracle Autonomous Databases.

Figure 1. Oracle Operations Insight's Capacity Planning app helps your avoid resource contention issues to prevent outages.
Figure 1. Oracle Operations Insights’ Capacity Planning app helps you avoid resource contention issues to prevent outages.

To learn more, watch a short demonstration of the capacity planning app.

Identify and fix slow performance degradation before it impacts users

The second technique in preventing outages is knowing what parts of your applications can benefit from more proactive tuning. Many of these low and slow issues escape notice until they cause catastrophic application failures. With Operations Insights’ Oracle SQL warehouse app, you can quickly figure out where to focus your scarce database tuning resources by getting key insights into SQL performance degradation, plan histories, and performance variation across your database fleet. Operations Insights provides a fleet-wide historical data store for high-impact SQL in Oracle databases.

Figure 2. Oracle Operations Insights' SQL warehouse app helps you focus your tuning efforts to prevent outages.
Figure 2. Oracle Operations Insights’ SQL Warehouse app helps you focus your tuning efforts to prevent outages.

To learn more, watch a short demonstration of the SQL Warehouse app.

Get started today!

You can find Operations Insights under the Monitoring and Diagnostics menu in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. Operations Insights is accessible through the Console, CLI, and REST API and is already available in US West (Phoenix), US East (Ashburn), Germany Central (Frankfurt), UK South (London) commercial regions, with other commercial and Government regions coming soon.

Operations Insights is available to use with Oracle Autonomous Databases at no charge. Support for more Oracle Database editions is coming soon.

We hope that you enjoy Operations Insights! To learn more, visit the product page.

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