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Announcing the Availability of Varnish Enterprise 6 on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Sanjay Basu
Director, Emerging Technologies

The Varnish Enterprise 6 application suite delivers super-fast web and streaming experiences using powerful caching technology on Oracle Cloud. Varnish Enterprise’s powerful reverse proxy/HTTP engine technology speeds up website page loads and reduces media streaming latency, which helps to deliver great web experiences to huge audiences. Offloading content delivery to Varnish Enterprise in the cloud also reduces backend server load by up to 99%, so you can scale up while protecting critical infrastructure and keeping costs predictable.

Advanced Features

The Varnish Enterprise 6 for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI image available from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace image contains a version of Varnish Enterprise 6 that’s optimized for cloud, with high availability, cache persistence, custom analytics, and more. The software include the following advanced features:

  • Performance boost: Enhanced caching, with high availability provided by built-in content replication, prefetching, and finely tuned policies.

  • Resilience and persistence: Contains a persistence layer that’s optimized for storage and caching large volumes of data. The cache can persist across restarts, and there is better storage for larger data sets to alleviate fragmentation and regain performance.

  • Personalization and decision-making on the edge: Deliver personalized content quickly and move content decision-making closer to your users with Parallel ESI, JSON parsing, device detection, and IP geolocation.

  • Security: TLS encrypts communications and data, both on the server and the client. Cached data, both in memory and on disk, can also be encrypted. Varnish Enterprise contains a built-in web application firewall, too.

You can download the Varnish Enterprise 6 application suite with the bring-your-own-license (BYOL) option from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Screenshot that shows the Varnish Enterprise 6 image page on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace site.

An Ideal Pairing

This great partnership between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Varnish Software enables high-performance content delivery and streaming for Oracle Cloud customers. This solution addresses both business and technical requirements around caching, streaming, and content delivery.

Lars Larsson, CEO of Varnish Software, said this about the partnership: “Our participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our commitment to the Oracle community and enables customers to easily reap the benefits of Varnish Enterprise 6, including the ability to easily scale without hindering performance. As we leverage the power of the Oracle Cloud, we will continue delivering robust solutions for customers to help them reach their business goals.”

And, according to a Varnish Cloud Engineer, “Varnish Enterprise 6’s availability on OCI is an ideal pairing that unlocks lightning-fast web and streaming services for enterprises looking to enhance and control their content delivery at scale, while managing costs. It brings together the high-performance content delivery and cloud-native CDN capabilities of Varnish Enterprise 6 to Oracle’s next generation cloud infrastructure.”

Try It Today

You can download the Varnish Enterprise 6 application suite from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. A complete reference architecture that provides best practices is also available. The reference architecture has been tested with both the BeeGFS high-performant shared file system and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage service. You can download the BeeGFS solution from Oracle Cloud Marketplace and get more information about deploying a BeeGFS file system on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Every use case is different. The only way to know if Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is right for you is to try it. To try, you can select either the Oracle Cloud Free Tier or a 30-day free trial that includes US$300 in credit to get you started with a range of services, including compute, storage, and network.

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