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Announcing support for large email messages in Email Delivery service

James DeLoid
Principal Product Manager, OCI Layer Services

Do you have a software application or business process that requires emailing of reports, presentations, proposals, contracts, or videos in the cloud?

We’re pleased to announce that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Email Delivery service now supports sending the largest emails in the cloud… up to 60MB. That message size is 5X larger than all cloud providers and 65% more cost-effective.

Not familiar with OCI Email Delivery?

OCI Email Delivery service provides highly scalable, cost-effective, and reliable email delivery. Using our developer-friendly tools, customers can easily integrate their applications with our service for the best-in-class email delivery optimized for reputation management, deliverability, and security.

Our service not only manages the delivery of your emails to recipients but also provides data confirming delivery and a feedback loop of your recipients’ engagement (voice of the recipient). At $.085 per 1,000 emails, no more cost-effective solution exists on the market that ensures delivery of application-generated email for mission-critical and time-sensitive communications.

Want to learn more?

Typical use cases

  • Time-sensitive event-driven transactional email delivery for events, such as password resets, receipts, account alerts, shipping notifications, and cart abandonment

  • High volume bulk marketing campaign email delivery, like newsletters or promotions, that require continuous reputation monitoring and delivery optimization

  • Integration with business process applications for email delivery of automated periodic reports, alerts, customer support tickets, and procurement documents

“We needed a way to proactively deliver large, automated reports that exceeded the 25-MB limit of our internal mail server.”

Pricing for large messages

Each email over the default 2 MB is broken down into 2-MB chunks, where a chunk is equivalent to a single email. For example, the cost of sending 100,000 10-MB emails in one month works to the following equation:

100,000 messages * (10 MB / 2 MB per chunk) * $.085/1,000 emails = $42.5 per month

Getting started is easy

Email Delivery service’s large message size functionality is now available in all OCI commercial regions. We initially require customers to make a service limit increase request within the OCI console to send emails over 2 MB. To make a request, sign into Oracle Cloud. Under the help icon, click request a service limit increase for Email Delivery.

OCI Email Delivery service is accessible through the OCI Console (under the Solutions and Platform section), SDK, CLI, REST API, and Terraform. To learn more, see the Email Delivery service documentation.

Not an OCI Email Service Customer? To try the service for yourself, sign up for the Oracle Cloud Free Trial or sign in to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account.

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